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The Exchange | Halo Infinite CU32

Halo Infinite screenshot of The Exchange
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  -  2 months ago

Customizing your personal Spartan has long been a core component of Halo Infinite, and as we look ahead to our next update, we’re excited to share details of a brand-new system that will give players more agency over earned customization content.

Over the years since launch, we’ve heard feedback around wanting additional avenues to earn customization content and a desire for ways to acquire older content that is no longer actively available in the game. With next week’s update, Halo Infinite will be adding two new features to directly address this player feedback: “Spartan Points” and “The Exchange.”

Players of Halo: The Master Chief Collection probably recognize both of these terms for good reason—they are both based on what’s currently available in MCC today. “The Exchange” is a new feature that you’ll find within Halo Infinite’s Shop that offers customization content in exchange for “Spartan Points.”

The primary focus of The Exchange is offering access to previously released free content that players may have originally missed out on. For example, rewards that were originally tied to Halo Infinite’s free Event tracks or a special limited time login bonus, or even a past Twitch drop or partner promotional item are all fair game for The Exchange.

Halo Infinite screenshot of The Exchange

However, it’s not all legacy favorites as some never-before-released items will also join the mix. Premium content—such as items sold in the Shop or included in a premium Battle Pass reward track—will not be offered in The Exchange. The available inventory of items in the Exchange is expected to rotate approximately every 4-to-6 weeks (generally timed to Halo Infinite’s Operation cadence).

When The Exchange refreshes, items will not be "going away," removing the chance to get them—they will still be available to purchase with Spartan Points through the customization menus (much like bundles once they have rotated out of the Shop).

Here’s a quick summary of what will initially be available in the Exchange when it launches next week (item name, type, and origin):

  • “Xandadu Falu” – Armor Coating – NEW
  • “Needle Minder” – Helmet Attachment – NEW
  • “Crowd Pleaser” – Hip Gear – NEW
  • “Yap Pack” – Emblem – NEW
  • “Yap Splat” – Emblem – NEW
  • “Platinum Anniversary” – Vehicle Coating – 20th Anniversary
  • “Platinum Anniversary” – Weapon Coating – 20th Anniversary
  • “Platinum Anniversary” – Armor Coating – 20th Anniversary
  • “Blue Team” – Weapon Charm – 20th Anniversary
  • “I Love Bees” – Emblem – 20th Anniversary
  • “Margaret’s Honey” – Backdrop – 20th Anniversary
  • “Fire in Your Heart” – Emblem – 20th Anniversary
  • “Assembled” – Emblem – 20th Anniversary
  • “Citron White” – Armor Coating – Yappening
  • “Platinum Marigold” – Weapon Coating – Yappening
  • “The Entropy of Spring” – Death FX – Yappening
  • “A Banana” – Weapon Charm – Yappening
  • “Free Hugs” – Visor – Yappening
  • “Erde Tyrene” – AI Color – Yappening
  • “Slippery When Wet” – Backdrop – Yappening
  • “Tac/Holodyne Mispec” – Wrist Gear – Ultimate Reward
Halo Infinite screenshot of the Challenge deck showing Spartan Points as the Ultimate Reward

Spartan Points (or “SP” for short) is the “currency” players will earn and redeem in The Exchange for a desired customization item. With this update, several existing progression systems will be evolving in order to directly support the addition of Spartan Points. There will be three primary ways to earn SP in Halo Infinite when the “Banished Honor” Operation and “CU32” arrives next week:

  • Completing your first Daily Challenge will award 250 SP (rather than XP).
  • Completing the weekly Ultimate Reward will award 1,000 SP (instead of a misc. customization item).
  • Operations Reward tracks will offer up to 15,000 SP (replacing misc. other rewards).

We’re eager to get this new feature into your hands and offer another path for players to access content to customize their Spartan and identity in Halo Infinite. We’ll be keeping a close eye on community feedback and in-game metrics so please share your thoughts once you have a chance to try out the Exchange!

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