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Community Collection Playlist Launch

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  -  a year ago

Long before the Halo Infinite Forge Beta launched with the Winter Update back in November, we knew we were going to have our collective minds blown by the things the community would make and share when we handed over the tools of map and mode creation. Three months later, we are still seeing that creativity pushed to new heights every week! 

We delivered the Custom Games Browser to Halo Infinite ahead of schedule in December, giving you the ability to make every night a custom games night with friends and foes you just haven’t gotten acquainted with yet. 

And now, on the cusp of Season 3, we’re answering the highly requested call to bring community-made Forge maps to their own unique matchmaking playlist. 

Let’s take a look at what awaits you in the Community Collection playlist, available now!

Credits: Anvil Prime 52, Savesme6464, b0b is here
Bookmark: Absolution

A map we previously showed off in our third issue of Forge Features, Absolution has some familiar aspects of a few different maps—from Halo 2’s Sanctuary to Halo 3’s Guardian, with that weathered, stone-based Forerunner aesthetic that defined the look of Delta Halo. 

Credits: Sikamikanico, Whos Blaze, UnknownEmerald, tdubfed1, Bubba
Bookmark: Perilous

While not a direct remake of the iconic Lockout from Halo 2, many areas of this map carry elements of that beloved classic that lend a hint of familiarity to this new space.

Credits: Black Picture, InfiniteForges, Hofsta, tdubfed1
Bookmark: Salvation

Damnation from Halo: Combat Evolved sees a fresh coat of Banished paint and a beautifully revamped industrial aesthetic within a vast cavern. 

Credits: Pwn Jones, TheHoodedManZ, bissuetox, The MetaChief, Hitbox unKnown, Max Extra 
Bookmark: Starboard

All hands have been summoned to battle stations on this stunning UNSC-ified spiritual remake of Halo 2’s Midship.

This is just the beginning for the Community Collection playlist, which will go on to be updated with further community content in the future—we'll have further details to share with you on that front down the road.