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Customization Overview | Halo Infinite CU29

Halo infinite image showing six Spartans clad in new customization items from CU29
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  -  3 months ago

Content Update 29 (“CU29”) for Halo Infinite releases on January 30 and brings the classic Mjolnir Mark IV armor as seen in Halo Wars alongside three new Operations, multi-use shoulders, new (and returning) HCS bundles, and the helmets of Silver Team.


What it meant to be a Spartan would be defined shortly after first contact with the Covenant, an alien alliance that initiated a war against humanity that would rage for almost three decades.

On November 27, 2525, Doctor Catherine Halsey and her Spartans were delivered to the Damascus Materials Testing Facility on Chi Ceti IV. This top-secret military installation was where a critical component of the SPARTAN-II program had been constructed—Project: MJOLNIR.

A half-ton of hyper-dense composite armor fueled by a compact fusion power plant, capable of being worn only by humans who had undergone extensive biological augmentation. Outfitted with a warship-grade computer core, automedic system, and uplinks to the UNSC battle network, the Mjolnir Mark IV would become like a second skin to the Spartans, enhancing their speed, strength, and strategic capabilities.

Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor went on to become a symbol of hope for the UNSC, and perhaps the greatest human weapon that the Covenant would come to fear. And this is where it began...

Halo Infinite image of three Spartans clad in Mark IV armor with the Evolved MA5 Assault Rifle weapon model

The legendary Mjolnir Mark IV armor will come as a free new Armor Core in CU29 for Halo Infinite, offering a new suite of customization for those who like to step onto the battlefield with an old-school look. When you log into the game after CU29 drops, it’ll be waiting for you in the Armor Hall.

This will be available as part of the first of three Operations. Let’s take a closer look at ‘em!


“If they want war, we’ll give ‘em war!”

Outfit your Spartan with customization rewards themed around the heroes of Halo Wars. The Spirit of Fire Operation Pass features 20 tiers of free rewards that will be available from January 30 through March 5.

On the premium front for the Operation Pass, players have two additional options that can be purchased from the in-game Shop or Switcher:

  • 500 credits will make the Operation Pass durable (it will not expire), offers bonus XP during the Operation’s live window and an extra Challenge slot any time the Premium Operation Pass is equipped, and comes with an exclusive customization item.
  • 2,000 credits instantly unlocks all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass at purchase and includes the exclusive bonus customization item.

The bonus customization item for this Operation is the Evolved MA5—a weapon kit for your Assault Rifle that will transform the sleek and modern MA40 into the classically chunky design reminiscent of the MA5B seen in Halo: CE and Halo Wars.

And if you head to the Shop when CU29 launches, you’ll find Red Team’s super-soldier siblings waiting for you.

Halo Infinite image of the Omega Team bundle

And, for fans of the Stanchion—an anti-matériel rifle featured in the Halo Graphic Novel, Halo: Contact Harvest, Halo Wars 2, and other media—you can acquire the Stanchion bundle which includes the type of weapon model you just might never take off your S7 Sniper Rifle!

Halo Infinite image of a Spartan holding a sniper with the M99A2S3 Stanchion weapon model. Text reads: "WEAPON MODEL, M99A2S3 STANCHION, SHOP OFFER"


Welcome back, Executor...

Do you feel that ominous chill race down your spine, or do you mean to inspire it in others? Jump into Halo Infinite on March 5 to unlock terrifying new customization rewards for your CHIMERA Armor Core in the Cyber Showdown III Operation (which runs until April 2).

Themed around the concept of a “viral machine,” the latest exploration of these Created champions veers more into the realm of cybernetic horror that reflects the twisted nature of their creation.


“You ever wonder what a shaved Brute looks like? Not until I mentioned it, right? Try and get that image out of your heads, humans!”

The Yappening II arrives in April to help you celebrate the season of fools with all the greatest Grunty goodness. So gear up for a new Operation (which runs from April 2-30) and get ready to have some fun!

For a visual breakdown of the customization rewards in these upcoming Operations, check out the relevant segment of our Community Livestream.


Our multi-use journey for Halo Infinite’s customization continues with the addition of shoulder pads that can be equipped across any Armor Core.

Like before, this multi-use expansion of armor works retroactively, so all of your current shoulder pads are multi-core enabled and all shoulders going forward will be multi-core as well!

Following on from work that has been accomplished over previous updates to make helmets, visors, and many coatings multi-use, there are now billions of possible combinations available in Halo Infinite.


Season Two of the Halo television series debuts on Paramount+ with a two-episode premiere on February 8, and we’ve got some unmissable Ultimate Rewards for you to earn.

Complete all your challenges on these respective weeks to earn each of these Silver Team helmets, available across all your Armor Cores. Let's see how those helmets look with some multi-use armor customization.

January 30-February 6

Halo Infinite screenshot of a Spartan with multi-use shoulder pads and the helmet of Kai-125

February 6-13

Halo Infinite screenshot of a Spartan with multi-use shoulder pads and the helmet of Riz-028

February 20-February 27

Halo Infinite screenshot of a Spartan with multi-use shoulder pads and the helmet of Vannak-134

Visors for each member of Silver Team will also be given as free rewards! Simply log into Halo Infinite on these corresponding weeks and they will be unlocked for you.



After much demand from the community, we are bringing back the bundles for each HCS team that Halo Infinite launched with back in 2021—with some major improvements!

Halo Infinite close-up screenshot of a Spartan wearing the year one FaZe Clan armor coating

The armor and weapon kits have been unlocked, which means you can now customize with these coatings for the first time ever. Additionally, they are all now multi-use which means you can wear the amor, visors, or weapon coatings on any armor, helmet, or UNSC weapon.

This bundle will be available in the HCS Shop when CU29 launches on January 30. If you already purchased this bundle when Halo Infinite released, the content will be applied retroactively—including those for teams no longer in the HCS.

These bundles have only been released for teams that are still in the HCS: FaZe Clan, OpTic Gaming, Sentinels, Spacestation Gaming, and Cloud9.


Year 3 HCS bundles are also arriving alongside CU29 with all-new designs, featuring new multi-use armor coatings as well as visors. These have been created by the teams themselves, featuring their unique branding.

Halo Infinite image of the HCS 2024 Launch Bundles for partner teamss. Text reads: "Multi-use team coatings / team visors / Dracon Bandit weapon model"

The first of three new weapon models is also included, starting with the Dracon Bandit (for both the M392 Bandit and Bandit EVO). The remaining Grim Reaper and Extermination weapon models will be available later in the HCS season.

Acquire the Dracon Bandit by grabbing the bundle that supports your favorite HCS team—the majority of the profits go to the partnered teams to maintain their involvement in the Halo ecosystem.

That wraps up this look at what’s coming on the customization front for CU29. We can’t wait to see how everybody outfits their Mark IV armor.

CU29? More like CU January 30!

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