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Forge Features: November 10, 2023

Community Cartography 021
Halo Infinite Forge recreation of Timberland
Sam wearing a Master Chief helmet
  -  8 months ago

More maps, more experiences, and more jaw-dropping creations leveraging the Forge AI Toolkit have been delivered since Season 5 launched. Being able to create your own mini-Firefight experience, recreate campaign missions, or lose hours of the day by way of various minigames means the options are endless, and we’ve got plenty to show off today!

Mode: Grunt Wars
Credits: Hitmonchanel, Shrad Marden

Grunts in the hill of Grunt Wars

I saw this in the Custom Game Browser and had absolutely zero clue what to expect, but “Grunt Wars” sounded amazing. So, I jumped in immediately and I was not disappointed. Waves upon waves of Grunts just pouring out from the Behemoth towers, all trying to capture a hill, yielded pure chaos.

10/10 experience.

Credits: Micheal B 2K8, D0ctorSmurf, Okom1, Virus11010, Darth Draius, MikRips, Mr IncrediJON

Big Team Battle map Timberland recreated in Halo Infinite's Forge

Picture it. Halo: Combat Evolved Halo: Reach Halo Infinite, 2023. You can take a long stroll through the forest and get the strongest sense of déjà vu. That’s right. Timberland is back as Timberland Evolved, and it’s just as you remember it!

Modes: Easy | Normal | Heroic | Legendary
Credits: RiskiestSole35, DaBratva

Recreation of the Halo 3 mission "The Storm" in Halo Infinite's Forge

If you’ve played Halo 3’s campaign, this will look exceedingly familiar. Storm the beach and take on waves of enemies in Storm Firefight, a recreation of—wait for it—the campaign mission The Storm. There’s even a Scarab for you to contend with! Adjust the difficulty as you see fit, and good luck.

A Tower Defense map created in Halo Infinite Forge

This is the tower defense mode you remember—limited lives, numerous enemy waves, and a set path they will attack along. Your job: Defend the towers and hold the line. Don’t let me be the one to sell you on this, check out Beekle’s video for even more info.


Some other little bytes to sate your appetite…

Maybe you find yourself longing to catch ‘em all, Halo style. In that case, @DanTheBloke’s Battle Arena is just for you.

Recreation of a game allowing you to catch all the Halo enemies in one go.

Or maybe you’re looking to play some soccer with vehicles… also Halo style. You can do that too!


If you’ve been struggling to create round-based modes that end and properly award the victory screen to the team that wins, let Fourkings13 help you out.

Ducain23 is back with another AI toolkit tutorial. This time, he’s showing how to script wave intermissions and endless waves. His tutorial series is a great resource if you’re trying to dip your toes into the world of Forging AI. 

That will bring this week’s feature to a close. We continue to be surprised and delighted at what you manage to create, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

In the meantime, see you in the CGB!