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Forge Features: March 21, 2024

Community Cartography 025
Forge Features module image of the map Purgatory created in Halo Infinite's Forge
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  -  4 months ago

Welcome back to Forge Features!

It’s been a hot minute, but we’re back to showcase some awesome new community-created maps for you to bookmark and play. Let's take a look...

Credits: HMkiller05, Nikos, xXBarthXx
Bookmark: MAP | MODE (Easy | Normal | Heroic | Legendary)

From the folks that brought you The Silent Cartographer and Assault on the Control Room recreated in Halo Infinite’s Forge comes another Halo: CE level—The Pillar of Autumn.

Get your targeting diagnostics and energy shields tested because you’re gonna need all the help you can get to repel enemy boarding parties, protect your fellow soldiers, and get to the escape pods to make ringfall! The placement of the enemies, the winding corridors, even some of the additional details from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is all here, and it's a delight to see just how much love was put into this experience.

Credits: VidGamesPete, Dellsoto, ShredderMcgenty, Trignate, Yung Mithos, thesilencebrokn, Zaddy Hammer, I KAMIKAZE II, Le Frenchys

Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map Purgatory

Things will never be the same for fans of Halo 2’s gondolas, as Purgatory is heavily inspired by the aesthetic and gameplay experience of those missions.

A particularly cool detail is that the walls around you are perpetually moving upwards, making it feel like you really are descending into the substructural belly of the beast.

Credits: Anvil Prime 52, Cousin Tim, Squally DaBeanz, I Crush ALL, Galaxytivity, IKYLEIZBEASTLY

Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map Dawnbreaker

This BTB map features a Forerunner beam emitter on one side, a Banished base on the other, and a network of caves mixed with open, grassy terrain for you to navigate.

This map looks stunning, providing a great visual juxtaposition between the sleek, advanced look of Forerunner technology and with the dark, foreboding presence of a Banished tower.

Credits: Sikamikanico, Lahont, CertifiedChamp, WhosBlaze, Okom1

Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map Old Salt

I like big boats, I cannot lie.

Man the cannons, hoist the sails, sing a sea shanty, and ready your muskets for a battle that can only be described as historic!

Credits: GlizzyGod420496
Bookmark: MAP | MODE

Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map Firefight Corvette Outpost

Welcome to the Corvette Outpost. Weather conditions are chilly, lives are limited, and the Banished are on their way. Lock ‘n’ load, Spartan—you know what to do!

Credits: daomum, ElphCrimLester

Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map The Gulch

The quick and the dead. One can simply never tire of Blood Gulch remakes, and this one is heavily inspired by the visual direction of Zeta Halo’s landscapes in Halo Infinite’s campaign.


Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map Pirth

I could tell you lots of cool things about this map, but my neurons started firing with excitement at a great recreation of a damaged Locust from Halo Wars in the city streets along with a Scarab. That alone is worth a bookmark!

That closes us out for this issue of Forge Features. Thank you for joining us for this showcase, and for your incredible creativity in the making of these maps and experiences.

We'll see you in April for our next issue!