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Forge Features: April 19, 2024

Community Cartography 026
Drop pod bay on Temperance, a Halo Infinite Forge map
Sam wearing a Master Chief helmet
  -  a month ago

Another month, another batch of great Forge content. This issue’s offerings span the gamut from nostalgia, to 1v1, to large-scale games. Let’s check it out!  

Author: UneeQ TV, Mr Greencastle, ArtN00b, MikRips, WookieCookies1
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These broken dreams have been restored with this remake of my personal all-time favorite map: Turf! There’s something about this map that I absolutely love—from the Warthog, to the downed Scarab, to the med tent... the routes are ingrained in my mind, and it feels like just yesterday my teammates and I were careening through the doors, hoping to splatter someone. 

Author: bullet2thehead9
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My first time on this map, the first thing I did was turn around and jump off the edge to see what happened. Anyway, I don’t recommend doing this when you 1v1 someone here, unless you like the additional challenge I suppose. You are the author of your own destiny, after all.

Author: ArturBloodshot, Starkey213036, DanZama22
Map | Mode

Glibnub might not think so, but I find shooting Grunts areat your friends via Rocket Launchers to be an absolute riot. Everyone should check out this crazy custom game and watch the chaos ensue. Grunts are literally flying everywhere and making folks fly everywhere. What could possibly go wrong? 

You truly have not lived until you’ve been chased by Grunts fired out of someone’s SPNKr.  

Author: ArturBloodshot
Map Download

Octagon 1v1s are common warmups for many players, but sometimes you want some variety in your octagons. Rather than saving a bunch of different size versions, this unique creation allows you to play at a variety of ranges and you can add/remove platforms around the maps—both at will. 

If you look up, you’ll notice some dice and a soccer ball. You start out on 1, the smallest map. You can increase the size by shooting the incrementally larger numbers. Shoot the soccer ball to add/remove the platforms as you desire.   

Regrettably, there is no switch to improve your K/D or aim—you gotta do that one on your own through good ol’ fashioned practice. 

Author: milkwayfps
Map Download

If you want to practice the aforementioned aiming, Aimlabs is for you. This has been a popular “game” on PC for people on mouse and keyboard, but now there’s a version built into Halo Infinite itself. You can work on your aim in a variety of rooms and scenarios with every weapon in the arsenal. From my time with it, I can confirm that my Shock Rifle skills are still subpar. 

If you want to do a combo of Aimlabs and an Octagon, you can do that too simply by interacting with the Octagon on the ground.

Author: DISTORTED JAKAL, C0mmnder, bullet3thehead9, JAKEV10, p1ss3doffcat, xLoud Mary Jane
Map | Mode

Suit up and drop in like it’s hot with this battle royale created entirely in Halo Infinite’s Forge. You have your choice of drop pods that will have you land somewhere on this giant, beautiful vista. Beat the circle, and other Spartans, to emerge victorious. 

That’s a wrap for now, we’ll see you again next month for even more fantastic Forge Features!