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Forge Features

Forge Features: July 21, 2023

Community Cartography 014
Halo Infinite screenshot of Death Island Evolved remade in Forge
Sam wearing a Master Chief helmet
  -  4 months ago

Welcome to the latest in Community Cartography! Forgers continue to forge ahead and turn out incredible creations, and they're only getting even more ambitious. Let's check out some blasts from the past and something else that will surely blast your socks off!

Credits: Nilphz, Rafita
Bookmark: The Silent Cartographer

Halo Infinite screenshot of The Silent Cartographer recreated in Forge

Did someone call for a throwback? Head back to Halo’s roots and explore The Silent Cartographer again. Do you remember your way to the map room?

Credits: D0ctorSmurf, Virus11010, Its L0L0, Mr Kwatz, Okom1, Mr IncrediJON, Darth Draius, xXLethalAntXx, ShadowPandah
Bookmark: Death Island Evolved

Halo Infinite screenshot of Death Island Evolved remade in Forge

Same song, slightly different verse. If you have a slight sense of déjà vu here, that’s because Death Island is another throwback to Halo: CE (for PC) that’s got roots in Silent Cartographer. Keep your wits about you, you never know where the enemy will be.

Credits: Aw Lost Soldier
Bookmark: Formidable

Halo Infinite screenshot of Formidable artistic map made in Forge

If you didn’t know just how formidable the power of Halo Infinite’s Forge is, this will give you just a glimpse of what’s possible. Jump in and be blinded by its majesty as you gaze upon this demo from your front row seat.

Credits: Paul Wall Babyy
Bookmark: Loaf's Scrolling Rockets | Gamemode

Halo Infinite screenshot of Loaf's Scrolling Rockets made in Forge

This map/mode answers everyone’s age old question… What if Halo were an explosive side-scroller? Grab your friends and get ready to have a rockin’ good time!


Forge is a very powerful tool, but it can also definitely be a bit overwhelming for those just looking to dip their toes in. (I am one of those that feels out of my depth with Forge!) If you want to learn the basics of scripting for Forge, let VidGamesPete give you a hand.

That wraps up this edition of Forge Features. Whether you decide to take a walk down memory lane, have a good ol' customs night with your friends, or give scripting a whirl, there's plenty to check out.

We'll see you next time!