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Forge Features

Forge Features: August 4, 2023

Community Cartography 015
Halo Infinite screenshot of UnneQ Longshore remake made in Halo Infinite's Forge
Photo of Alex
  -  10 months ago

It’s that time again for a new issue of Forge Features.

We’ve got a new opportunity for you to get your maps into matchmaking and a round-up of some of the latest and greatest 343 Recommended maps. Let’s get right into it!


We want to get your maps into matchmaking!

There are times where we will be looking to vet a variety of community-made maps for specific purposes and playlists, such as when we provided some templates for Husky Raid maps back in our twelfth Forge Features issue.

We are looking for Forgers to submit maps themed around the seasons—Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Maybe you’ve got a Halloween-themed map in-mind for some horrifying haunted house hostilities, or perhaps a snowy wonderland where grenades may be exchanged for some explosive Holiday cheer...


Once your map is in a state you’re happy with, you need to publish it and tag it with the relevant “343ask” tag, which are:

  • 343ask-Autumn
  • 343ask-Winter
  • 343ask-Summer
  • 343ask-Spring

If your map is one we’d like to move forwards with, we will reach out to the gamertag listed as the author of the map and continue further dialogue on Discord.

We can’t wait to see you flex those creative muscles and show us what you’ve been cooking!

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at some new map recommendations...

Credits: UneeQ TV, Mr Greencastle, WookieCookies1, MikRips, Artifice7285
Bookmark: UneeQ | Longshore

Halo Infinite screenshot of Longshore remade in Forge

It’s Halo 3’s Longshore as you remember it, but with some multi-layered expansion as there are now a couple of ships docked around the borders of the map which provide additional space for you to move around.

Credits: vPrimeval
Bookmark: The Cage

Halo Infinite screenshot of The Cage remade in Forge

The Cage from Halo: Reach, now with less grey!

Credits: DarkMaiming
Bookmark: Throne

Halo Infinite screenshot of Throne made in Forge

A battlefield whereupon you shall ponder the orb...

Credits: inpachie, N3RDCHAOTIC, Amadeus615
Bookmark: Kingpin

Halo Infinite screenshot of Kingpin made in Forge

Tight corridors in a dark and moody indoor environment will lead to lots of jump-scare moments as you see an enemy pop out from around an unexpected corner. Bring spare pants.

Credits: KondouVT
Bookmark: Infinity

Halo Infinite screenshot of Infinity remade in Forge

Infinity from Halo: CE, lovingly recreated with Halo Infinite’s Forerunner palette. Try not to fall.

That plays us out for this issue of Forge Features. Bookmark some cool new maps, get a customs night set up with your friends (or just hop into the Custom Games Browser), and see what cool season-themed maps you can build that just might find their way into matchmaking in the future!

We’ll catch you classy cartographers next time.