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Forge Features: September 15, 2023

Community Cartography 018
Halo Infinite screenshot of Levitation Forge map
Sam wearing a Master Chief helmet
  -  18 days ago

It’s already the middle of September, can you believe it? So while it’s not quite time to wake anyone up yet, we’re getting close. This year has flown by fast, and Forgers have not slowed down a bit. We have some more awesome maps to show off—from a floating experience, to roaming some fortress ruins, and more. Let’s take a look!

Credits: ElphCrimLester, Smullepucke
Bookmark: Levitation

Halo Infinite Forge Map Levitation

As a mouse modestly said once, we all float on okay.

Credits: Le Frenchys, Galaxytivity
Bookmark: Warsaw

Halo Infinite Forge map Warsaw

It’s not quite the Vistula River but the lava river fits the industrial aesthetic.

Credits: WAR FH, I am a Luxury, W0lfR3ign, marka2263
Bookmark: Archon

A map fit for a king with all the gilded accents and abundant treasure to be found.

Credits: MikRips, bullet2thehead9, Virus11010
Bookmark: Fortress

Have fun storming the castle fortress!


If you’re looking for some Halo: Combat Evolved remakes to check out, hop on over to Mr Metal Man’s video and see his top ten picks. And yes, Chiron TL-34 is here, which automatically makes this amazing.


Don’t forget we’re still on the lookout for seasonally themed maps so if you got ‘em, let us know using the in-game tags.

  • 343ask-Autumn
  • 343ask-Winter
  • 343ask-Summer
  • 343ask-Spring

See you next time for future fancy forges!