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Forge Features: September 1, 2023

Community Cartography 017
Halo Infinite screenshot of "Alfa Halo" map by Ricardootino, DanZama22, and Starkey213036
Photo of Alex
  -  9 months ago

The week is over, September has come, and we've got a new round-up of 343-recommended Forge maps for you to check out, taking us back to some familiar places—from a dangerous holdout location on Alpha Halo to a certain old fortress by the beach, and beyond.

ALFA HALO (2552)
Credits: ricardootino, DanZama22, Starkey213036
Bookmark: Alfa Halo (2552)

Halo Infinite screenshot of Alfa Halo map made in Forge

That old, familiar feeling... At least you won't have to babysit any marines before calling in evac, let the carnage commence!

Credits: UneeQ TV, UneeQ Forges, Mr Greencastle, Saucy Situation, wild1551, WookieCookies1, Azwilko1997, ZERO FORGE
Bookmark: UneeQ | High Ground

Halo Infinite screenshot of UneeQ High Ground map made in Forge

The enemy team may have the high ground, but they underestimate your power!

Credits: Beibok, I Crush All
Bookmark: Arcadia

Halo Infinite screenshot of Arcadia map made in Forge

The pleasing combination of grassy plains, natural rock formations, and angular Forerunner structures makes up a veritable holy trinity of Halo goodness!

Credits: Cousin Tim
Bookmark: Spacecamp (RE:Orbital)

Halo Infinite screenshot of Spacecamp (RE:Orbital) map made in Forge

Welcome back to the Quito Orbital Elevator. With a lot of situational awareness, and a little luck, hopefully the only thing you will lose is your luggage.


With the Custom Game Browser in Halo Infinite, it's easier than ever to party up with new friends and foes who are playing custom classics from the days of yore (Lightspeed Halo is always a good time!) or trying out some of the jaw-dropping new game types that have been made possible.

On that front, if you haven't already checked out this video from jackfrags as he explores what the customs scene has to offer, this will definitely give you a good glimpse at the community's chaotic creativity!

That wraps this issue up. And as a reminder: we’re on the hunt for seasonal-themed maps, so be sure to tag your creations with the relevant seasonal tages:

  • 343ask-Autumn
  • 343ask-Winter
  • 343ask-Summer
  • 343ask-Spring

Happy Forgin'!