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Halo Infinite

Fracture: Entrenched Event (Updated)

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  -  16 days ago


The Fracture: Entrenched event returns June 14-21!

As a quick refresher: Fractures are a completely free limited-time event that returns multiple times over the course of a Season.

The free Event Pass for Fracture events offers unique cosmetics and rewards over 30 tiers, with Entrenched being themed around the EAGLESTRIKE armor core—a dieselpunk-themed Spartan. Earn Event Pass reward tiers by playing in the Land Grab event playlist and completing event-specific Challenges.

With this recurrence of the event, we are bringing more maps for you to play Land Grab on—these include Live Fire, Recharge, and Streets.

Key rewards from the Fracture: Entrenched Event Pass.


For the five recurrences of the Fracture: Entrenched event, we will be releasing a five-part tie-in story that is directed by the community—by you!

The Last Sky Marshal is the first Fracture Story Shard. Hosted here on Waypoint, Story Shards are a choose your own adventure-style story. Set in the Entrenched universe and told over five parts, Parts 1-4 of The Last Sky Marshal will feature a cliffhanger where a dilemma will be presented, and the community will vote on where the story goes next.

What choice will be made? How will it end? That’s up to you...

Read The Last Sky Marshal here and follow Commander Kolby as he leads an assault on Luna against the Covenant, who have discovered something that could turn the tide of the war against humanity.

You can cast your vote for the direction the next part of the story should go on Twitter, Waypoint, YouTube, Discord, Instagram, and the Official Halo Club on Xbox and PC (note: voting is open for one week).


Fracture: Entrenched begins today!

Featuring the dieselpunk-inspired EAGLESTRIKE armor core and other themed rewards, the free 30-tier Event Pass is available now alongside a limited time playlist and event-specific challenges.

This is the first of six total appearances that Fracture: Entrenched will make over the course of Season 2, operating in a similar fashion to Fracture: Tenrai in Season 1.


For those of you who may just be joining us, or need a quick refresher, ‘Fractures’ are typically divergent Halo universes or timelines with different aesthetics to the core canon—though they orbit similar themes.

Fractures share a variety of common elements with core canon, but can be recast in a different light or interpreted in a new way. They maintain key touchstones, remaining authentic to Halo, often while offering a unique “What if?” alternate universe look.

The ultimate goal of Fractures is to be a springboard for new (and fun!) experiences and exploration, both in-game and out. Each one is an experiment in storytelling and art style, which we hope inspires our fans and gets them thinking about their own Halo Fractures.

In Season 1, we asked what if Spartans were samurai in an alternate universe where bitter clan wars between warlords turned to unity as Covenant barbarians invaded with colossal glass dragons?

In Season 2, we’re asking something new...


"The Entrenched Fracture is a world scoured by superscience aether-bombs and alchemically-enhanced soldiers. Though its lands are ruined, the Unified Nations Security Confederation fights on in blind obedience to orders from long-dead generals.

Their sworn foes, the zealots of the Covenant, survive only as hordes of rad-poisoned mutants bickering over the remnants of their once-proud civilization.

Survival on the front lines requires EAGLESTRIKE energized plate, a marvel of war-smithing that protects against both radiation and Covenant plasmatron weaponry."

Fracture: Entrenched key art

It’s been a great creative opportunity to peer into these alternate universe takes on Halo, and for Entrenched we’re taking things one step further.

For the five recurrences of the Fracture: Entrenched event, we will be releasing a five-part tie-in story that is directed by the community—by you!

‘THE LAST SKY MARSHAL’ is the first of what we are calling Story Shards. Hosted on Waypoint, this will be a choose your own adventure-style story set in the Entrenched universe, told over five parts. Parts 1-4 will feature a cliffhanger where a dilemma will be presented, and the community will vote on where the story goes next. What choice will be made? How will it end? That’s up to you...

Keep an eye out for Part 1 of ‘The Last Sky Marshal’ here on Waypoint when the Entrenched event returns in June!


The Fracture: Entrenched Event Pass is 100% free and offers players themed, limited time rewards for playing multiplayer matches and completing event challenges while the event is live.

During event weeks, the Event Pass will appear in your season progress menu between the Battle Pass and your Challenges. The Fracture: Entrenched Event Pass will be available for one week from Tuesday, May 24 at 11am PT until Monday, May 31 at 11am PT.

However, unlike other events, Fracture: Entrenched will appear a total of six times throughout Season 2, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to complete all 30 reward tiers of the Event Pass.

Those who join us during this first Fracture: Entrenched launch week will also receive the Entrenched Spartan Backdrop to further customize your in-game experience.

“While their world dies, the armies of Entrenched continue to claw at each other to the very last breath; blind or uncaring that victory is now impossible.”

The Spartan backdrop gift players receive for the first week of Fracture: Entrenched.


Progress on the Event Pass is made by completing Event Challenges, which you can find on your Challenges page marked with a red banner.

Key rewards from the Fracture: Entrenched Event Pass.

Completing an Event Challenge will unlock an Event Pass tier reward, progressing you through the Event Pass. You can progress up to ten tiers of your Event Pass in a given week.


Spartans playing a game of land grab.

Event Challenges for Fracture: Entrenched center around the event playlist, Land Grab.

Divide the enemy, conquer the zone.

Land Grab comes to Halo Infinite during the Fracture: Entrenched Event and will become a rotational playlist when the Event is over.

In this new objective-based arena mode, both teams fight for control over three neutral zones. Players score one point for each successful capture and will trigger intermission after the successful capture of all three zones. After intermission, new neutral zones become available for capture. The first team to score 11 points wins.

(To learn more, check out our Season 2 Modes blog!)


During Fracture: Entrenched weeks, the Ultimate Reward and Shop will feature cosmetics based around the event.


During Fracture: Entrenched, the weekly Ultimate Reward will also be themed around the event. This week, complete all of your weekly challenges to unlock the Amber Yesterday Visor for the EAGLESTRIKE Armor Core.

The Amber Yesterday Ultimate Reward, an epic rarity visor.


While both the Event Pass and weekly challenges offer cosmetics, for those looking for even more options the in-game Shop is the place to go.

The shopfront will also be themed for Fracture: Entrenched, and you can expect to find additional offerings there throughout the week. Whether these are bundles with unique coatings and accessories, or additional emblems, there will be plenty to consider. The store will receive new batches of content every time Fracture: Entrenched comes back over the course of Season 2.

The Legacy of War F X bundle.

With all that said, it’s time to jump into the Entrenched event! Good hunting out there, Spartans.

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