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Husky Raid | Halo Infinite

Husky Raid action shot
Sam wearing a Master Chief helmet
  -  10 months ago

Ain’t no raid like a Husky Raid! That’s right. Everyone’s favorite linear Capture the Flag (CTF) mode with random weapons has arrived in Halo Infinite!


First introduced to Halo matchmaking in Halo 4, Husky Raid quickly became a fan favorite. The concept was simple: there’s a narrow corridor, everyone has random weapons and limited cover, and you’ve got to get the enemy’s flag. The chaotic and fervent push to get to the opposite side to merely pull the flag proved to be half the battle… followed by the fight back down the corridor of doom and the push to bring the flag home to score.

In short, it’s CTF with the intensity and chaos turned up to eleven—weapons are random, attrition is high, and the battle for the flags is fierce.

Husky Raid returned in Halo 5 with a plethora of incredible community-made maps and a slew of REQ weapon variants to make the corridors go boom, which solidified its place as one of the all-time great Halo modes—something that, much like Infection in Halo 2, was born from the sheer creative might of the community. And now, Husky Raid has made its way to Halo Infinite.

Let’s take a look at where you’ll be doing battle!


Thank you to all the Forgers who helped bring this playlist to life and used our 343ask-HuskyRaid tag so we could find the content. For even more versions and experiences, don’t forget to check out the Content Browser.

You know the drill. Prepare for chaos!