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Sandbox Overview | Season 4

Spartans on the new map Forest use the Quantum Translocator and Threat Seeker during combat.
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  -  a year ago

As a Spartan, you are built for war. You are the master of any weapon, pilot of any vehicle, and fear no enemy—and in Season 4 you'll be getting your hands on some new equipment to make use of on the battlefield.

Let’s see what the Halo Infinite sandbox will look like when you go hands on with Season 4: Infection on June 20!

Quantum Translocator

Since Halo: CE, teleporters have been a staple of Halo gameplay. With our newest addition to Power Equipment in the form of the Quantum Translocator, players can take that staple and utilize it in all-new ways. Designed to have as much impact as an Overshield or Active Camo, while still requiring deliberate set-ups and proper execution, the Quantum Translocator will appear on map as Power Equipment.

How does the Quantum Translocator work?

Once secured, the first button press activates the Quantum Translocator and creates a slipspace thread at that location. After repositioning around the map, the second use of the QT will teleport the player back to that original thread location. However, upon teleporting, a new thread is created at the location the player just teleported from and the thread they just teleported to (the original thread) will disappear.

Each subsequent use will teleport the player and update the destination slipspace thread until the QT time has expired. Be mindful of when and where you use it though, as there’s a cooldown between uses – meaning you can’t spam it and you may even end up in a situation from which you might not escape.

A render of the Quantum Translocator.

Its potential for playmaking through planning and movement is truly what sets this equipment apart from the rest. If you’re a player that prides themselves on thinking two or three steps ahead of your enemy, then you’ll love how the Quantum Translocator allows you to outplay your opponents.

Threat Seeker

The next piece of equipment landing in Season 4 is the Threat Seeker. This equipment focuses on skilled, well-timed use in order to gather information about an enemy’s location.

It’s different from the Threat Sensor in that it only sends out one pulse, requires the opponents to be within its line-of-sight (meaning it will not reveal enemies around corners or through walls), and the equipment’s projectile can bounce in order to reward accuracy by allowing for unique and clever shots. If an opponent is within its radius and direct line-of-sight when it pulses, they will be revealed for the same duration as a player's shield recharge timer.

A render of the Threat Seeker.

Ultimately, the brand-new Threat Seeker requires it to be well-placed and well-timed to benefit your team. We look forward to watching how you all use this equipment to gather information, make smart plays, and win matches.

Balance Update

Threat Sensor

With Season 4 and the launch of the Threat Seeker, we wanted to make some adjustments to the Threat Sensor to ensure both equipment items had their own unique playstyles.

The goal of these changes was to create more location-based marking, giving more permanence and coverage to the sensor by increasing its duration and sensing radius. The time each target is revealed was decreased to give more focus on sensing threats within the radius of the sensor while active.

Here are the exact balance changes to the Threat Sensor:  

  • Ping Frequency: 2.8 > 1.8 seconds
  • Sensor Radius: 3.1wu -> 4.25wu
  • Sensor Duration: 6.5 -> 15 seconds
  • Reveal Duration (how long a target stays revealed): 2.5 -> 0.75 seconds

Legacy Zoom Toggle

In addition to the upcoming Equipment additions and tuning update, Season 4 will also be bringing in a new quality-of-life update based on community feedback – the legacy zoom toggle.

This new setting allows players to choose how their zoom state behaves on a weapon with two zoom states when switching between their weapons. With this new setting set to its legacy option, players that are 10x scoped in (double-zoomed) on their S7 Sniper can exit their scope by switching weapons, return to their S7 Sniper, and then zoom in with the rifle back at 5x (single-zoomed) rather than having it default back to 10x.

Furthermore, we always strive to go after improvements via bug fixes with the launch of each season. If you spot any issues while playing, please be sure to let us know by submitting a report on the Halo Support site so we can take a closer look. 

The full list of bug fixes will be provided in our Season 4 Patch Notes, which will be found at, when the update goes live on June 20. 

Season 4: Infection lands on June 20, bringing Infection, Career Rank, Forge updates, new maps, new customization, and more to Halo Infinite. Keep it locked here on Halo Waypoint to see the latest Season 4 news as we gear up for its launch.