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Spotlight: January 14, 2021

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  -  2 years ago

Let's kick things off with a big ol' congrats for making it through 2020! We'll just ignore that 2021 seems to be asking someone to hold a Monster Energy Drink™ in the meantime and take victory in the small things. New year, new blog, more art! That's something to celebrate for sure so let's not beat around the bush. There's community content to check out!


Is it really a new year if there wasn't some kind of celebration somewhere? Wait. It's a pandemic, don't answer that. I'm just going to enjoy the adorable whimsy of @dagger6art's celebratory toot toots of New Year's Eve. Look how precious it is!


I'm incredibly excited for this rendition of the Halo theme. Some of you have already seen/found a snip of this from @harpistkt's TikTok channel but she has graciously uploaded a full version to her YouTube channel. The harp is not an easy instrument to play but it is absolutely lovely and I am so glad to see Kristan Toczko lend her talents to our favorite franchise. You should definitely check out her other videos, especially if you also enjoy Final Fantasy music!


Act I is queued up and ready to rock so let's roll!

I actually had a lot of options to choose from, page-wise, and settled on this. Be sure to check out the entire comic for yourself!UNSC Armory, @LastnameSilver


A hodgepodge of fantastic arts, crafts, and sketches. You know the drill by now so let's check them out!

While I have him here, I'd like to take a quick detour:

If you are interested in toy photography, I highly recommend you reach out to Mooreshots. He's working on building a network/community of toy photographers and I can confidently say they are some of the most welcoming, friendly, and enthusiastic fans. They will happily share tips, tricks, helpful hints, you name it. If Instagram is your platform of choice, you can find him there too: @Mooreshots_!Don't Make A Girl A Promise You Can't Keep, @evedmrsPainted Cruiser, @GeekToyLoveMaster Chief, /u/Masonthemasonmason
(Say that 5 times fast)Huragok, /u/LexaMaridiaWooden Halo Toys, made by @FLESHPWND for @ItsaMeFernandoProtector, @daina360 Believe, @wishhful


A new year means a new reminder that some of you take fandom to a whole 'nother level with tattoos and I am constantly in awe. One day maybe I won't be a big chicken but today is not that day. Tomorrow is not looking so great either. But you know what is? The cosplay. It's awesome!


Some of you prefer your art in audio/visual format which means this section is for you! Pass the popcorn and settle in.

If you've ever wondered how a game's music composer works, you'll want to catch @TravellingHalo's interview with our very own Curtis Schweitzer. It's also a fun way to get to know a bit more about one of the people working on our soundtrack!

We've seen him once before but I am never not amazed seeing the incredible artwork people like @doginthesleep are able to turn out using spray paint. If I were to try this, well, it'd just be some blob of paint, not the Ark.

For those of you looking for some cosplay help, @Ranger6398 has a video on how he made his Halo: Reach gauntlets. It doubles as a tutorial so if you want some inspiration, not a bad place to start! Did I mention it's a whole series? 

The crew over at @DivineMindau ran a pretty neat "60 Second Montage" competition and they compiled all that here! I enjoyed seeing all the players and the editing. There's some pretty nifty gameplay to watch. I enjoyed it so hopefully you will too! Caveat: One of the songs in the middle has a slight language warning but that's it. 


As always, some snacks for the road!


I know this is usually reserved for something that made me laugh, but this week I'm going with something that made me smile. I didn't think a Brute War Chief could make me smile and then I saw @RiteshKMondal's Escharum and here we are.


With that, we have reached the end of the first, but not last, Halo Community Spotlight for the year. For those unfamiliar with the process, if your art/content has been featured in this blog, you will receive some really awesome Fire Unicorn rewards for Halo 5 and MCC if you fill out the redemption form. If you don't fill out the form, I don't know who you are and I can't give you your in-game goodies so please give me your information so you can show off your awesome new AR skin and nameplate to your friends! 

Before I sign off, I wanted to give you all a heads up about future Spotlights. Historically, we have been on a cadence of every other week. This year, with Halo Infinite on the horizon, we'll be shifting these to be monthly. My goal is still the same: highlight artists from around the community, especially newer ones, and share the love, passion, and talent with everyone. It'll be the same Halo Community Spotlight, just a little less frequent. I'm looking forward to seeing all the exciting Halo Infinite art I know is coming so bring it on!

Ciao xx