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Spotlight: June 10, 2021

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  -  a year ago

Summer is rapidly approaching and with it comes sunshine and endless opportunities for fun such as hiking, playing Halo, swimming, thinking about Halo, streaming Halo, creating Halo content... Did I mention Halo yet? Just checking. I've got Halo on the brain lately (just ignore that I work here and probably think about it every day, okay? That's not the point!) and I can't quite put my finger on why...

Some of us out here on the eastern half of the country also have the indundation of Brood X Cicadas on our trees minds. Meanwhile, others are blissfully unaware of the creatures and honestly? I think they're kind of missing out. It's been a fascinating phenomenon and I really dig the sound they make, it's weirdly soothing. The dogs here sure are thrilled too.

There's also an endless stream of fantastic community creations so let's check out what's buzzing this month! 


Forgive the verticality here but @PedanticAuspice's Guardian is too awesome to not show off, front and center. For a "before bed doodle" it is spectacular. 


I don't have one right now but I sure do want a snack to munch on while I listen to Sean Smith's soothing saxophone quartet arrangement of Deference for Darkness. Sax is a standard jazz instrument for a reason. It's suited perfectly to the moody melodies. Also truly love seeing some soprano and baritone saxophone love!


I'm back with a snack (and no it's not chocolate covered cicadas [because apparently that's a thing?! Of course it is.] because choclate is gross) and I am now ready to feast my eyes, not just my belly.


If you didn't grab your own snack before, then maybe some sketches or handcrafted artisanal delights will whet your appetite?


Now, it's truly time to feast your eyes on some dedicated Spartans who didn't look back, stayed on track, and went the distance.


I always enjoy the videos I find for these but I really enjoy this set. If you like Smash Brothers, stick around – you'll probably like 'em too! (No this is not "Chief is in Smash!" or anything. Just a really sweet fan project.)

Rediscovering old projects or old favorites can be a blessing or a curse. In @wtabd_ympalAdam's case, it turned out to be a good thing which makes it a blessing for the rest of us too! He rediscovered an old stop-motion film from film school and is sharing it with everyone. 

I am not good at Smash Brothers by any definition of the term. I am Queen Button Masher and generally have absolutely no idea what's going on and pick stages by how pretty they look. So with that said, if I saw @magpieleon's stage in the lineup, this would be the only one I choose forever. Check out how he did it! 

This isn't the first time we've seen @doginthesleep and I certainly hope it isn't the last! He's back with more spray paint art – this time of Installation 07. I'm always astounded by the precision and finesse people can coax out of aerosol cans and watching this come together was a treat. I absolutely love this. 


Sweet tweets to send you on your way!


I know I normally put a feature that makes me laugh before the end but this week's is kind of long and I don't want to unnecessarily stretch the page for anyone not interested so I've swapped them around and it's down below. It's on the lengthier side but totally worth the read! To receive your Fire Unicorn 🦄🔥 nameplate for MCC and AR skin for Halo 5 for being featured in this (or past) Spotlights, be sure to fill out the latest form and note that they are sent out sometime towards the end of next week. 

Ciao! xx


As we're all aware, Master Chief is "that guy from Fortnite" right? But how did he get there? Let /u/Endermite20 show you!