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Tenrai IV Playlist

A Spartan about to be attacked by a Ninjanaut in the new Tenrai IV playlist
Sam wearing a Master Chief helmet
  -  12 days ago

Warrior at rest
Peace, serenity, and calm
Soon, battle begins

Tenrai returns. Take a moment to prepare yourselves for you will face off against a new, formidable foe.


Or maybe the Ninjanaut. The frenetic free-for-all mode returns, alongside a variant with an invisible Juggernaut. 

If you are chosen to be the Juggernaut, you’ll enjoy a substantial shield buff, some damage resistance, and a speed boost. You’ll be equipped with a Gravity Hammer and the Quantum Translocator allowing you to take on the rest of the lobby with the grace of, well, a Juggernaut. But be careful—if you get killed, the person who took you down becomes the new Juggernaut.

Spartans playing the new Juggernaut playlist

If you find yourself in a Ninjanaut lobby, watch your six. In this version, the Juggernaut is a ninja and is equipped with active camouflage. Over time, this camo will tick down but you can reset the amount of time left on your camo by getting a kill. As the Ninjanaut, you can execute sneaky plays with your wits, bottomless plasma grenades, and a Grappleshot. But the rest of the lobby has Threat Seekers to, well, seek you out. As with Juggernaut, killing the Ninjanaut will grant you a prompt promotion to the new Ninjanaut, so be ready to evolve your strategy on the fly.


Credits: Djungelskog7425, Bonk Salsa, ODSTorien

There is a single Juggernaut per game and, as expected, the Juggernaut is stronger than Spartans.

  • Buffed shields, increased damage resistance, speed boost
  • Has Gravity Hammer & Quantum Translocator

Just remember, killing the Juggernaut turns you into the next Juggernaut so if you take down the monster, be ready to step into those shoes.


Credits: Djungelskog7425, Max Extra

As the name implies, this is Juggernaut but you're invisible. As the Ninjanaut, you'll have active camouflage from the start but it will decrease overtime. Each kill you get will reset the cloak duration, so as long as you're racking up the kills you'll stay invisible to the naked eye. The Ninjanaut also has:

  • Grappleshot
  • Refilling plasma grenades

Other players will be searching for the Ninjanaut with their Threat Seekers, so stay nimble! And if you out-play the Ninjanaut, you will become the next one so take advantage of the newly granted active camo.

In either mode, here's how you score points to win the game:

  • Getting kills as Juggernaut/Ninjanaut
  • Killing the Juggernaut/Ninjanaut


Tenrai III introduced themed maps and we're adding to that with this outing. You can take your Tenrai IV travels to...

Credits: MikRips, bullet2thehead9

The Tenrai themed Halo Infinite Forge map Hanami.

Leaves gently scatter
The music of silent rest
Relax with the wind

You can immerse yourself further in the experience with the suite of returning community-made maps properly themed for the event.

Credits: Sikamikanico, Whos Blaze, Le Frenchys, Okom1

The Tenrai themed Halo Infinite Forge map Dynasty.

Time everlasting
Witnessed through this lineage
Of learned wisdom

Credits: DarkMaiming

The Tenrai themed Halo Infinite Forge map Houseki.

A lance of sunlight
Gazes o'er far shores and fields
A home defended

Credits: I Crush All, NightAvenger01

The Tenrai themed Halo Infinite Forge map Kaiketsu.

Nature's reverie
Warm light bathes the old homestead
Vines have deep roots

Credits: Sikamikanico, Whos Blaze

The Tenrai themed Halo Infinite Forge map Kiken'na.

The sky rolls like waves
Giving way to pale moonlight
Silent knives unsheathed

Credits: Epetr0

The Tenrai themed Halo Infinite Forge map Opulence.

Warriors are taught
In a hall of great wisdom
How to fight and fall

Credits: PwnJones, Le Frenchys

The Tenrai themed Halo Infinite Forge map Shiro.

A redoubt of hope
Burning day to deepest night
Stands like a mountain

Credits: Le Frenchys, Galaxytivity

The Tenrai themed Halo Infinite Forge map Shogun.

The smallest candle
Passes light, undiminished
Fills the sky with stars

Credits: Djungelskog#7425, Max Extra, Bonk Salsa

The Tenrai themed Halo Infinite Forge map Takamanohara.

The high tower looks
Beyond the sky, to a realm
Far beyond our reach

It’s time, Spartan, for you to go forth and embrace your inner warrior.

Become the Juggernaut you were born to be.