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Halo Infinite | Winter Update Intel

Winter Update
Intel image of Jun-A266
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  -  a year ago

Halo Infinite's Winter Update concludes very soon, with Season 3: Echoes Within right around the corner.

As with Season 2, you can find all of the additional Intel drops from the last few months (which have appeared both on Halo Waypoint and in-game) archived here.

Looking ahead, Season 3's Intel will be published in a central Halo Waypoint blog (instead of the Halo Infinite page) which we will update with each new monthly entry, and you can continue to expect to see it published in-game in the MOTD carousel of Halo Infinite as well.


HISTORIAN'S NOTE: The following is a communication between Jun-A266 (COSSPAR) and [REDACTED] (EXTUSR) concerning the seemingly contradictory nature of several reports regarding the Spartan's escape from the fall of Reach.

Intel image of Jun-A266


RE: Nine lives?


I took your advice about those reports. Problem is, there are several—and they don’t exactly line up. Take ITEM/466F41.LV for example, which has you crossing paths with elements of WHITE GLOVE. It notes here the loss of several personnel to a Hunter pair and squad of SpecOps Sangheili, but somehow Charlie Hotel was still able to complete her objectives at CASTLE. Of course, Covenant artillery and orbital impacts in that area make some of these details seem… debatable at best.

But a second report has you rendezvous with Beta-Red for an exfil run that only shows up on a few random manifests. And the other account I pulled honestly seems too absurd to even entertain, but I can send it along anyway if you’re interested in the comedic value.


HISTORIAN'S NOTE: The following is an after-action report concerning Operation: WHITE GLOVE, flagging the activities of Noble Team, Jun-A266, and Dr. Catherine Halsey.

Intel image for Torch and Burn showcasing a figure in an ONI facility


[FLAG 0002] – Operation: WHITE GLOVE enacted. 76113-30529-UH reassigns NOBLE Team to SWORD Base. Mission confirmed with A259 at [REDACTED] Hours.

[FLAG 0009] – SWORD Base demolition confirmed. A266 assigned to escort CC-409871 to CASTLE Base.

[FLAG 0014] – CC-409871 and A266 arrive at CASTLE Base.

[FLAG 0016] – A266 evacuates CASTLE Base personnel. CC-409871 remains behind.

[FLAG 0019] – CC-409871 enacts Operation: WHITE GLOVE at CASTLE Base.


HISTORIAN'S NOTE: The following is a formal communique concerning the formation of Spartan-III "Headhunter" units prior to Operation: PROMETHEUS, which would see Alpha Company wiped out.

Headhunters Intel image showing Hazel-A302 with Jun-A266

SND: [045888947]
REC: [103771692]


With PROMETHEUS drawing close, we’ve had to move fast to reallocate A266, A282, and A302. I think we might be pushing our luck with A019, but we all know the odds Alpha Company is up against. We need to press Ackerson for as much as we can get while keeping ahead of the probability threshold for operational success.

Still trying to sell him on our little covert initiative. Settled on two Spartan units dedicated to high-priority recon, sabotage, and assassination. Hell, I don’t care if he reassigns them as his private grim reapers. We just need to pull these candidates out of the meat grinder before it’s too late.

Kurt Ambrose



HISTORIAN'S NOTE: The following is a "deathbed confession" by the artificial intelligence known as Deep Winter, who transferred Kurt-051 a series of files in 2551 concerning alterations to the augmentation procedures for SPARTAN-III Gamma Company.

New Intel Available image

You are wondering how I lasted this long—practically double the original estimation of my operational life. Impressive, no? Alas, this is not about my longevity, which I fear has come to an end.

I know that you and Ackerson will have these files purged. I don’t know if you will even look at them, for I suspect we have both kept secrets from each other that we fear to know, and therein lies my own confession...

I have loved every one of these Spartans as you have. I sought to protect them, and I operated beyond my orders to protect those that I could. I am not the first of my kind to make such obfuscations, and I certainly don’t expect to be the last. There is another file attached here, one that you would no doubt be confused to find your name attached to. I needed to ensure the reassignment of several members of Alpha Company to give momentum and purpose to parallel initiatives, and invoking your attribution would cause enough of a stir to set those wheels in motion.

I make no apologies for this deception, and I tell you this so that there is no doubt in your mind that—like yourself, like Mendez—we were each as fathers to these children. I may only be mind, but I am not without heart. 

Farewell, Zero-Five-One.