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Community Support & Engagement Coordinator

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Hello Friends, my name is Tyler Davis, but y’all most likely know me as Postums online. I work on the Community Team here at 343 Industries as the Community Support & Engagement Coordinator. My role is to help support my team as well as the Publishing Team here at 343 with all things they are working on. This includes working with the Halo Insider program for all things Halo: The Master Chief Collection, gathering feedback from players across multiple social media platforms, helping summarize each new season in MCC via the Seasonal Sitrep series, writing Development blogs, writing Friday Development & Flighting updates, and helping share news and fun details in our various streams. All-in-all, I help take wants and desires for MCC from the community, help bring them in house to our development teams so they are aware, and then share all of the things the teams are doing back out to the public in the ways you want to hear about our game development! If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to check out the various pinned feedback threads we have on or reach out at one of the various social media platforms I’m on! Thanks all, and as always, I’ll see you online!