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Customization Overview | Season 4

Halo Infinite image of a line-up of Spartans outfitted in Season 4 customization items
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  -  a year ago

It’s the final countdown! Season 4: Infection releases tomorrow, bringing a plethora of new customization content and updates to Halo Infinite.

HAZMAT armor, a fresh 100-tier Battle Pass, enhanced weapon customization, five exciting events, an overhaul of the Shop, and more await you to level up your customization game. Let’s take a closer look at what’s coming with Season 4...


Halo Infinite image of the Season 4 Premium Battle Pass with a selection of customization items and 1000 earnable Credits
NOTE: Battle Pass reward track image updated with correct asset 6/19*

Season 4 delivers a new Battle Pass for you to earn 100 tiers of customization rewards (featuring more than 180 individual items).

The Infection Premium Battle Pass will be available for 1000 Credits, never expires, and includes:

  • 100-tier reward track (including 1000 Credits).
  • Bonus Match XP throughout Season 4.
  • Fourth Challenge slot (while the Battle Pass is active).
  • Instantly unlock the Premium Battle Pass-exclusive FLASHBLIND Weapon Model for the MA40 Assault Rifle.
  • Instantly unlock the Premium Battle Pass-exclusive Genesis Bloom armor coating for all Armor Cores.

For even better value, the Infection Premium Battle Pass Bundle will be available for 2800 Credits, never expires, and includes everything from the Infection Premium Battle Pass list above along with twenty-five level grants in the reward track (64% discount).

An infected Spartan sprinting towards two Spartans with an energy sword

The fourth Challenge slot will be active whenever the Infection Premium Battle Pass is equipped. Owners of the Premium Battle Pass will also earn bonus Match XP throughout Season 4, no matter what Battle Pass you have equipped. And, as ever, once purchased, the Premium Battle Pass is yours to keep and complete at your leisure.

For players looking to jump into Season 4 of Halo Infinite without purchasing the Infection Premium Battle Pass, there is a free reward track which offers a selection of customization rewards, XP Boosts, and Challenge Swaps.


Halo Infinite image of the HAZMAT Armor Core

Built to stand against all manner of threats and dangerous conditions, designed to be used by both super-soldiers and unaugmented personnel, HAZMAT armor comes to Halo Infinite in Season 4.

OSTEO combat engineering suits incorporate an array of contingency systems focused on surviving extended operations in extraordinarily harsh working and combat environments. HAZMAT armor is for those who specialize in delving into the heart of dying Forerunner facilities, for hunters operating in blighted waters and poisoned winds, search teams exploring sites scarred by chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons used in the Covenant War, and even more insidious threats the galaxy has to offer.

Play matches, earn Match XP, progress through your Battle Pass, and unlock customization rewards. And on that note, we’ve got two free events coming up—HAZMAT and Containment (more on them below!)—where you’ll be able to earn up to twenty free customization rewards to further outfit your HAZMAT armor.


Season 4 introduces new weapon customization to Halo Infinite.

Thus far, Weapon Models in Halo Infinite have enabled you to change some smaller details on the MA40 Assault Rifle, Mk50 Sidekick, and BR75 Battle Rifle. Maybe you wanted to change your weapon’s barrel or add a cool metallic eagle to the cowling... but we’re expanding that much further in Season 4, so you’ll be able to more extensively change the look of your arsenal.

Purchasing either the Premium Battle Pass or Premium Battle Pass Bundle will immediately give you the FLASHBLIND Weapon Kit for your MA40 Assault Rifle, which you can see in the image below. An alternate model for the BR75 is offered within the Battle Pass, and another can be acquired as a bonus offer with the purchase of any HCS weapon skin bundles.

Halo Infinite image of two Spartans outfitted in Premium Season 4 customization items

Attentive fans have already spotted that the CQS48 Bulldog on the season’s cover art has some interesting differences to the base model, and you can definitely expect to see us expand on these offerings in future events and future seasons.


Season 4 will play host to a total of five events. Each of these events are free, meaning that anybody—whether you own the Premium Battle Pass or not—can jump in and earn the items in the Event Reward Track.


Kicking off the week following Season 4’s release is the Hazmat Event. From June 27-July 11, you can earn 10 tiers of free rewards to outfit your new HAZMAT armor.

The Containment Event will arrive later, on August 29, which will also run for two weeks (through September 12) and offers another 10 tiers of free HAZMAT-themed rewards.

Halo Infinite image of the returning YOROI armor in Season 4's Tenrai events


Tenrai was the first multiplayer event of Season 1 that came with the release of Halo Infinite back in November 2021, bringing the fan-favorite samurai-themed YOROI armor to the game... and the time has come for it to return in Season 4.

Tenrai II and III both offer their own unique (and free) Event Passes, each featuring 10 tiers of customization rewards, which means there will be 20 free rewards total across two Event Passes.

The Tenrai II Event will span two weeks, beginning on July 18, and Tenrai III will launch September 19.


Neon lights and epic fights once more combine in Season 4 with the Cyber Showdown II Event!

A thematic successor to the original Season 1 event, Cyber Showdown II will run for two weeks and feature a free 10-tier Event Pass packed full of retro-inspired customization items. This event will begin on August 8.


In a recent episode of Spartan Chatter, we gave an update on progress being made to support more customization flexibility across different armor cores starting in Season 4.

You can watch the relevant section of that video below.

In Season 4, new premium coatings arriving in the Season 4 Premium Battle Pass and the Shop will have more versatility: All armor and weapon coatings new to Season 4 from the Premium Battle Pass and the Shop will include versions for all armor cores and weapons.

This season, each new premium coating for a specific armor core or weapon is represented as an individual item (in the Premium Battle Pass and Shop bundles) due to the way the current system operates. In future seasons, we expect this to be more streamlined with a single coating icon/item being able to accommodate all applicable models.

Coatings included in returning legacy Shop offers and those earned as Ultimate Rewards for completing your weekly set of Challenges in Season 4 will still only be available for the armor or weapon it was originally intended for. But, as we look ahead beyond this season, we are aiming for more improvements to better represent cosmetic content in Halo Infinite’s UI and potential further ways to add more value and flexibility in the ways you customize your Spartan.


The Shop continues to evolve in Season 4.


The Shop has hitherto taken the form of a single screen composed of a single “hero” bundle, several smaller bundles, a daily offering, and a pack of XP boosts and Challenge Swaps. This is expanding in Season 4 to become scrollable, where players will be able to see even more items that are on offer every week.

Items from previous seasons will return to the Shop with more frequent discounts as well.


In Season 4, we are expanding bundles in the Shop to offer even more customization content for players, further building on the “super bundles” that arrived in Season 3.

There will be two of these super bundles in Season 4, which contain three smaller bundles that can be purchased individually. If you wish to purchase any of the smaller bundles, you will simply be able to scroll across to them in the Shop, but purchasing the super bundle will come with some additional exclusive items and costs less than purchasing the three bundles separately.

Like with Season 3’s super bundles, getting it all at once means that you ultimately get more customization content for less.

If you do choose to purchase an individual bundle, an additional offer will be presented to you when you reload the Shop (either by playing a match or by restarting the game) with everything else from the super bundle—excluding what you've already purchased, which means that you are obviously not effectively paying twice for items you already own.

When Season 4 launches tomorrow, you’ll find the HAZMAT Haven bundle available in the Shop.

Halo Infinite image of the Hazmat Haven bundle

The Hazmat Haven bundle contains three full bundles that can be purchased individually: Courier (1600 Credits), Toolmaster (1400 Credits), and Warning Signs (1500 Credits), and it additionally includes an exclusive Mythic Effect Set and weapon charm.

Purchased individually, each bundle adds up to 4500 Credits. But when purchased together in the super bundle for 3400 Credits, players save 1100 Credits (24% discount).

On July 18, coinciding with the return of the Tenrai event, the Dragonborn bundle will be available. As with Hazmat Haven, this bundle will package together three individual bundles at a discount, along with a special Mythic Effect Set and the Dragonborn Noble shoulders for getting it all together. Stay tuned for more details next month!

As we stated when Season 3 launched, we are continuing to experiment with different formats for the Shop, and we are keen to hear your feedback to guide future adjustments.

That concludes our look at the customization elements coming in Season 4. The final countdown is here, as Season 4 is now just a day away from release—we'll see you tomorrow and can’t wait to see how you’ll be outfitting your Spartans and weapons!

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