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Customization Overview | Season 5

Spartan line-up of various armor customization available in Season 5: Reckoning
Photo of Alex
  -  9 months ago

Season 5: Reckoning releases tomorrow and features a deluge of new customization content and updates—and we’re just getting started.

Feast your eyes!


It has been said that one single Flood spore can destroy a species, so just think about how much damage you’re going to do playing as a primordial instrument of parasitic power.

The Flood have come to Halo Infinite’s customization.

Halo Infinite screenshot of a Flood-infected Spartan on Forbidden

Embrace the Shaping Sickness and step onto the battlefield as a combat form of unparalleled might, the machine and nerve of a Spartan super-soldier—already a living weapon—reformed and refined into the greatest terror in the galaxy.

In Season 5, you can augment the appearance of your Spartan and your weapons with this dire infestation, as individual armor pieces, armor effects, and Armor and Weapon Kits will be available to earn through the Battle Pass and purchase in the Shop.

Halo Infinite screenshot of a Flood-infected Spartan sliding with Flood-themed Armor Effects

Do not be afraid. Peace and salvation have come, so join your voice with our timeless chorus and sing victory everlasting!


Halo Infinite image of the Season 5: Reckoning Battle Pass showcasing a variety of customization rewards

Battle Passes and Events are evolving in Season 5 of Halo Infinite.

For those who may have missed our showcase during the 2023 Halo World Championship event, you can take a closer look at the rewards you’ll be unlocking in the video linked below.

Coming in the Season 5: Reckoning Battle Pass is a selection of spooky and scary customization items—from emblems of Unggoy flying on broomsticks and a Banished scythe weapon charm, to some of the Flood-themed armor shown in the section above, and plenty more. Oh, and those gloriously coveted EOD and Security helmets as well!


Like with previous seasons, the Season 5: Reckoning Premium Battle Pass will cost 1,000 credits and it will still include 1,000 credits that can be unlocked—these are split into five reward tiers of 200 credits each.

  • The Premium Battle Pass includes an extra challenge slot and bonus Match XP while it’s active
  • Never expires once purchased

The Season 5 Premium Battle Pass also includes the Defiled Bulldog weapon model.

Halo Infinite image of the Defiled Bulldog

Like the Events we have come to know, Operations are totally free activities that will include 20 tiers of earnable, themed rewards. Operations will run for approximately four to six weeks, giving players more time to unlock these rewards.

Unlike previous Events, the way you progress an Operation will be based on Match XP (not Challenges), which you can earn in Matchmaking or Custom Games. Here’s a look at the Operations coming in Season 5...

COMBINED ARMS: November 14-December 19

RAKSHASA-themed customization for Spartans who find themselves working alongside alien allies.

Halo Infinite key art for the Combined Arms Operation showing (from left-to-right) a Kig-Yar sat on the back of a Mongoose, a Spartan holding a shard of blamite, a Sangheili Ultra without a helmet, and another Spartan kneeling

WINTER CONTINGENCY III: December 19-January 30

All units are set to be mobilized and merry with these Holiday-themed customization rewards!

Halo Infinite key art for the Winter Contingency III Operation, showcasing four Spartans in the snow with the central one clad in Santa-inspired armor holding a green sack over their back

You can read more in our blog on Season 5’s Battle Pass & Operations.


Halo Infinite image of the Hero rank reward, the Infinite Mark VI armor kit

You’ve been holding out for a Hero—a green knight upon a fiery steed (in this case, undoubtedly a crashing Pelican). He’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be fast, and he’s gotta be ready to finish the fight!

For those valiant souls who have already attained the rank of Hero, you shall be rewarded. For those of you who are either just embarking on this great journey through their Career Rank or are already underway, this is what you’re working towards...

Players who attain the Hero rank will unlock:

  • Infinite Mark VI Kit for your Mark VII armor
  • Hero emblem set
  • Campaign Season armor coating (for all Armor Cores)
  • Midway Emerald armor coating (for all Armor Cores)

The Master Chief’s iconic GEN3 Mjolnir Mark VI armor from the campaign of Halo Infinite will not feature the 117 engraving, which can instead be filled with the emblem of choice that best represents you.

Halo Infinite image of the Infinite Mark VI armor kit


Halo Infinite image of the CE Mark V armor kit flanked by two ODSTs

We are bringing the CE Mark V armor kit to Halo Infinite ahead of Halo CE’s upcoming birthday.

Halo Infinite image of the CE Mark V armor kit

The Master Chief’s iconic Mjolnir Mark V armor from Halo: CE has been lovingly and authentically recreated as an Armor Kit in Halo Infinite, you can find it in shop on November 7. This offer comes with:

  • Viridescent Ring armor coating
  • Cinder Ring armor coating
  • Aurum Evolved visor

Both the Mark V and Infinite Mark VI armor will be available as Armor Kits, which have also been updated and enhanced for Season 5, as they now allow for coating, visor, emblem, and FX customization. That means players have more flexibility to personalize how their Spartan looks if they equip an Armor Kit, rather than being locked to any specific appearance.

Halo Infinite image of the Infinite Mark VI armor kit next to the CE Mark V armor kit


In Season 5, we are making further progress on supporting customization flexibility after laying some of the foundational groundwork in Season 4.


You read that right. We have made adjustments to every helmet in Halo Infinite, which means that all 100+ helmets in the game are available on all Armor Cores.

We can’t wait to see what combinations you come up with—here's a gallery of a few we’ve put together!

Halo Infinite image of multi-core helmets in a line-up


From Season 5 onwards, all new coatings earned in Battle Passes, as Ultimate Rewards, or purchased in the Shop will be multi-core coatings (this includes coatings that are sold as part of Armor Sets or Weapon Kits). These will be marked with an identifying icon.


In the past, Ultimate Rewards (unlocked by completing all your Weekly Challenges and the Ultimate Challenge) have given individual customization items. This is changing in Season 5, as these will no longer be individual rewards, but bundled.

  • Unlocked Ultimate Reward Emblems will apply across Armor, Vehicles, and Weapons
  • Unlocked Ultimate Reward Armor Coatings will apply to all Armor Cores
  • Unlocked Weapon Coatings apply to all weapons that take coatings

Oh, and speaking of which, complete all your weekly challenges when they go live tomorrow to unlock your first Ultimate Reward in Season 5: the Brushfire armor coating for all cores.

Halo Infinite image of the Brushfire armor coating Ultimate Reward


Secure the Flood super bundle when Season 5 kicks off on October 17 and enhance your Spartan's Mark V [B] armored casket with some horrifying new augmentations...

  • Contaminator and Blighter helmets
  • Cursed Blisters and Defiled FARNDALE helmet attachments
  • Cursed Guard & Defiled Guard shoulder pads
  • Cursed Vigor & Defiled Grenadier chest attachment
  • Cursed Growths hip attachment
  • Defiled Munitions wrist attachment
  • Defiled Drive knee pads
  • Eternal Rest & Gauss Forest armor coatings

Corpses shift and offer room for defilement of your weapons with the Defiled SPNKr & S7 Sniper Rifle as well.

Oh, and, if you get the super bundle, you will additionally be granted two timed-exclusive Armor Effects.

  • Blightland Marauder Armor Effect
  • Hidden Malignancy Death Effect
Halo Infinite image of The Flood super bundle

This brings us to the end of our look at Season 5’s customization elements, so it’s back to counting down the hours until release!

From the blogs that have been releasing over the course of this week to the previews shown at HaloWC 2023 (and, for some, the hands-on experiences you were able to have at the event), we hope you’re as hyped for launch as we are.

Will you give yourself to the Flood? Are you planning to accelerate to FTL speeds to get that beautiful Infinite Mark VI armor for reaching Hero? Or will you be checking out some new looks with those multi-core helmets? Whatever your plans are, we can’t wait to see you on the battlefield tomorrow!

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