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Halo Gear Rewards | Season 5

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  -  8 months ago

Halo Gear Rewards are back for Halo Infinite’s Season 5: Reckoning!

Halo Gear Rewards is a program that celebrates players for completing specific in-game accomplishments by unlocking access to purchase exclusive limited-edition products in the Halo Gear Shop.

The first reward was introduced in Season 2: Lone Wolves with the amazing Fracture: Entrenched Tanker Jacket and was followed by the introduction of the Pin Program with Season 3: Echoes Within Pins.

Product photography of the Season 3 Pins that are part of the Halo Gear Reward program.

For Season 5, we are introducing a new earnable reward that might just come in handy when carrying around all those previously earned rewards.

Meet the Halo Tactical Carrier—this UNSC-style backpack is mission ready and designed with utility in mind. The Tactical Carrier has three primary compartments, reinforced straps and carry handle, and sufficient nylon and Velcro areas for attaching pins, patches, and other insignia.

The prototype of the Tactical Carrier backpack.

Players can earn access to purchase the Tactical Carrier by completing the 50-tier Premium Battle Pass. Upon completion, players will receive their unique code via Waypoint notifications to make their purchase in the Halo Gear Shop.

Speaking of patches, players who complete the Reckoning Battle Pass will also earn the Reckoning Insignia Patch. This embroidered patch will be included with the purchase of the Tactical Carrier backpack.

But wait, there’s more! Players will also have the option to add-on the Operation: Combined Arms Patch and the Operation: Winter Contingency III Patch for an additional cost. There is no need to complete specific Operations to access these patches.

Images of the patches coming as part of the Season 5 offering from Halo Gear Rewards.

The Halo Tactical Carrier can be unlocked for purchase through the duration of Season 5: Reckoning and Operations: Combined Arms and Winter Contingency. Purchases must be made by January 29, 2024.

Stay tuned to @HaloGear for the latest updates.

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