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Extraction Overview | Season 5

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  -  8 months ago

Extraction comes to Halo Infinite in Season 5!

Let’s get you reacquainted with the asset retrieval game mode, the rules of engagement that’ll carry your team to victory, and the different mode variants you’ll be playing.


A multiplayer Spartan defends the Extraction site in Halo 4.

Extraction is an objective-based game mode that was introduced to Halo over a decade ago in Halo 4, where Spartan teams were tasked with an asset retrieval mission. In Halo 4, players used a quantum marker tool to designate slipspace crates for extraction. In Halo Infinite, this beloved mode has a new coat of paint with the latest UNSC and Personal AI tech.

The mode goes as follows:

  • A neutral Extraction Site appears on the map, where players must enter the site and plant their Extraction Device (all players have one) within its radius to begin the process of Extraction.
  • Once an Extraction Device is planted, it is owned by that player and their team, and a timer will begin counting down to Extraction.
  • Enemy players can interrupt the Extraction process, and even convert it to their team by interacting with the Extraction Device.
  • If the opposing team successfully converts the Extraction Device, then the countdown timer will reset and the battle for that Site will continue until there is a successful Extraction.
  • Whichever team successfully completes the Extraction process earns a point, after which a new neutral Extraction Site will appear elsewhere on the map.

Simply put: players must deploy and protect Extraction Sites at different locations on the map to score points, the team with the most points wins.

A multiplayer spartan plays Extraction in Halo Infinite.


In Season 5, players will be able to experience a couple of variations of the Extraction experience (and will also be able to customize various settings for Custom Games as well).


The core Extraction experience with one neutral Extraction Site appearing at a time until one team scores enough points to win.


A variation in Ranked Arena at launch where players spawn with one Frag Grenade instead of two, motion-tracker is disabled, and friendly fire is enabled.

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