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Forge Features: January 12, 2024

Community Cartography 024
Halo Infinite screenshot of a tabletop RPG made in Forge by RedNomster
Photo of Alex
  -  5 months ago

New year, new Forge maps!

Welcome back to Forge Features, where we highlight a selection of the latest and greatest community-made maps and experiences that you can download and play in Halo Infinite.

Let’s take a look at what you’ve been cooking...

Credits: RedNomster
Bookmark: MAP | MODE

Halo Infinite screenshot of a top-down view on the Halo tabletop RPG map made in Forge

Red Nomster has made a turn-based tabletop game using Halo Infinite’s Forge... yes, you read that right.

Through the mark system and approximately 1400 scripting nodes, up to 8 players (4v4 max, 2v2 recommended, 1v1 if you want to settle things in the arena) can experience Halo Infinite as they never have before.

Check out RedNomster's video on the making of this experience, and don't forget to learn the four very straightforward rules of how to play:

Halo Infinite screenshot of the rules for the Halo tabeltop RPG in Forge. Text reads: 1. Mark AI 2. Zoom + Mark to move 3. Two moves per turn 4. Mark here to end turn *. Shoot to swap cam

Your in-game Halo tabletop adventures await!

Credits: Nikos4476, xXBarthXx, HMkiller05
Bookmark: PART 1 | PART 2
Mode: Easy | Normal | Heroic | Legendary

Halo Infinite screenshot of a bridge from Halo: CE's Assault on the Control Room mission recreated in Forge

We knew that Halo Infinite’s Forge would be able to create some truly jaw-dropping stuff, and that the ambitions of community cartographers would push the boundaries of what even we believed possible... and here’s another such example, as the entire Halo: CE mission Assault on the Control Room has been remade.

Split into two parts, this is the mission just as you remember it—eerie, repeating Forerunner corridors, bridges over vast mountainous walls, vast snowy landscapes, Scorpion tank carnage... it’s all been recreated down to the smallest detail in enemy encounters.

Be sure to check out Nikos’s video on the making of the map as well!

Credits: Sams S033
Bookmark: MAP
Mode: Use with Firefight: King of the Hill

Halo Infinite screenshot of the UNSC Infinity's hangar bay exterior with a Phantom approaching in Forge

At the start of Halo Infinite's campaign, the UNSC Infinity is ambushed by the Banished at Zeta Halo. Take the fight to the hangar bay and capture the hills in order to reclaim humanity's flagship from the alien invaders.

(Of course, we all know how successfully that goes!)

Credits: IcyAsh3956
Bookmark: MAP | MODE

Halo Infinite screenshot of a Forerunner beam emitter in a cavern made in Forge

I must admit that my jaw dropped as I explored this map. It just kept going... and going... and then there was another level above, and then that kept on going...

With battlecruisers hanging in the skies overhead, Banished forces dropping into the caverns below to guard a sunlit Forerunner beam tower, and multiple flags to capture, this is the perfect staging ground for some PvPvE CTF action.

Credits: SPiriTBomb808
Bookmark: MAP

Halo Infinite screenshot of a complex constructed around an orbital tether made in Forge

The orbital tether is something of an iconic element of the Halo universe, though all of their most memorable moments are when they collapse—seeing it fall in Halo 3: ODST, its structural skeleton scattered over the African plains as you head to Voi in Halo 3, and who could forget that harrowing sequence at the turning point of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

This tether, though, remains intact. In this sprawling complex built around the space elevator, you can unleash some BTB chaos with your friends.

That'll wrap us up for this issue—the first of many more to come over the course of this year.

The boundless creativity of the Forge community thrills, energizes, and quite frankly terrifies us as we bear witness to the imaginative ways this tool can be used to create new and entirely unexpected experiences in Halo.

Keep on keepin' on!