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Husky Raid Refresh | Halo Infinite

Husky Raid in Halo Infinite with a Spartan carrying the flag running towards you
Sam wearing a Master Chief helmet
  -  4 months ago

Ain't no raid like a Huskier Raid! Yes, that's right... Husky Raid is getting even huskier with the addition of six new maps! 

The explosive, fan-favorite mode first introduced into matchmaking in Halo 4, is a chaotic twist on Capture the Flag. The game is played linearly with Fiesta style weapon loadouts, which means random weapons and random abilities. It’s running and gunning at its finest as everyone tries to push for the opposing flag. 

Community Forgers have, once again, pulled out all the stops and put together some absolutely beautiful, and some treacherous, maps for the playlist. What better way to kick off Cyber Showdown III than jumping in for some chaos?

Author: H0LLYW00D II

That cave was not a natural formation, and neither is this Formation. You’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into the middle of a fierce campaign mission. There’s beautiful Forerunner caverns, a light bridge, and a busted Warthog in the way. Not to mention the battle amongst the AI themselves (requiring 1 script brain and 125 nodes, no biggie) happening in parallel. Just remember to watch your step! 

Husky Raid map "Formation" created in Halo Infinite Forge.

Author: bullet2thehead9, MikRips

Walking through the merchant’s square, this map is definitely giving off medieval vibes. From the giant knights in the distance, to the pirate ship in the bay, and the fruit stand in the center,  you’ll feel like you’re taking a stroll through a quaint town. The map also features a two-level lane in the center so make sure you check both high and low along the way! 

Husky Raid map "Merchant's Square" created in Halo Infinite Forge.

Author: PrivateKinetic 

Take in the general splendor. The view is absolutely stunning and you have quite the outlook over the vastness below you. The surroundings are dotted with many observatories while you also face down the enemy team across the bridge. Watch out for sneaky repulsor plays and don’t fall off! 

Husky Raid map "Outlook" created in Halo Infinite Forge.

Author: bullet2thehead9, MikRips 

As I walk through the valley of the kings I realize I’ve spawned with a Plasma Pistol and a Ravager and...oh, sorry. If you don’t like sand, this map is not for you since it’s sandy and carved directly into the cliffside ruins. Feels like you’re exploring and moving about an old tomb.

Husky Raid map "Pharaoh" created in Halo Infinite Forge.

Author: PrivateKinetic, Handsome Huber 

You’ll spawn in the back alley and have to cut through an urban neighborhood street to grab the opposing flag here. There’s propaganda plastered in the back and some fun traversal options to keep you on your toes. 

Husky Raid map "Urban Raid" created in Halo Infinite Forge.

Author: Shreddermcgenty 

Legend has it, players are still fiercely battling it out here in this beautiful battleground. Offering a variety of traversal options, you’ll be tempted to check out the hieroglyphs on the wall but don’t let your guard down – they are coming for your flag!  

Husky Raid map "Ruujaya" created in Halo Infinite Forge.

*Ruujaya will be added to the Husky Raid playlist at a later date

A huge thank you to the Forgers for working their magic and creating some incredible new maps for us.  

We're always on the hunt for more extraordinary Forge content and sometimes, we're looking for specific things. You can see what is being looked for by checking out the 343 specific tags. In this particular case, we'd love to see your content that fits these bills:

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You can become the viral machine by progressing your free Cyber Showdown III Operation Pass as you jump into matchmaking to have a blast!