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Community Update

Sundered Showdown

Halo Mythos art by Benjamin Carre of the Didact's awakening in Halo 4
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  -  2 months ago

New Halo Infinite update, new Husky Raid maps, new Operation, new novel, new year of Halo esports... that’s a lot of new stuff, and there’s plenty more where that came from!

Let’s get you up to speed with a new Community Update.



Key art image for Cyber Showdown III showing an Executor surrounded by two people clad in HAZMAT armor being held by virus-like cables

Embrace the viral machine. Cyber Showdown III has arrived!

The Cyber Showdown III Operation Pass features 20 tiers of free customization rewards themed around the concept of the “viral machine,” which visually translates to a dark cyberpunk aesthetic for the CHIMERA armor—a twisted fusion of organic elements in digital form.

You know the drill: play Halo Infinite, progress your Operation Pass with Match XP and Challenge completions, and you’ll unlock new armor, coatings, weapon charms, and emblems and nameplates to enhance your customization.


Halo Infinite image of the multiplayer map Elevation

Take combat to new heights with the latest map that has been added to Halo Infinite, named Elevation.

Created entirely in Halo Infinite's Forge, Elevation takes place aboard a space elevator—an undoubtedly familiar location for many fans going all the way back to Halo 2.


Husky Raid has been in Halo Infinite for a while now and the time has come to update this beloved mode with some new maps created in Forge by our amazing community cartographers.

Alongside Cyber Showdown III are six new maps, including:

  • Formation
  • Merchant’s Square
  • Outlook
  • Pharaoh
  • Ruujaya*
  • Urban Raid

*Coming at a later date

For a more detailed look at each of these new maps, check out our Husky Raid refresh blog!

We're always on the hunt for more extraordinary Forge content, and you can see what is being looked for by checking out the 343 specific tags. Currently, we’re on the lookout for:

  • 343asks-firefight
  • 343asks-tenrai
  • 343asks-pve


During Women’s History Month, we recognize all women who, through their talents and passion, have made an impact and brought positive change to our industry, our studio, and our community.

By logging into Halo Infinite this month, you'll unlock the WHM armor coating, visor and emblem suite.

Halo Infinite image of three Spartans wearing the Women's History Month 2024 coating



H C S Major Arlington hosted by Optic Gaming. March 15-17. Arlington Texas.

The wait is over! Year 3 of Halo Infinite esports is kicking off in Texas with the HCS Major Arlington 2024 hosted by OpTic Gaming.

With a brand new starting weapon, a flurry of roster changes from the off-season, and an updated in-game meta, there is so much to look forward to this season. Don't miss your chance to see competitive Halo at its best as the top teams from around the world compete in this $250,000 three-day tournament!

Those in attendance will also get a chance to participate in the $5,000 Free-For-All tournament along with a series of side tournaments in varying formats from Halo Infinite and legacy Halo titles! Learn more here:

  • GA Tickets on sale: HCS Major Arlington 2024 hosted by OpTic Gaming Tickets at Esports Stadium Arlington
  • Team Passes on sale
  • Deadline is March 11 at 5AM PT.
  • Twitch Drop announcement expected to be on March 8.


Get a closer look at (and get involved in) this month’s HCS, Grassroots, and other Halo community events.



Cover art of Halo: Epitaph by Chris McGrath depicting the hooded figure of the Didact with half a broken helmet in a desert environment, the tower of Halo 3's map Epitaph in the background

You humans sought the Didact, you will have him... Halo: Epitaph, the latest novel by acclaimed author Kelly Gay, is out now!

Set in the aftermath of the Didact's destructive conflict with the Master Chief in Halo 4 and Halo: Escalation, the Forerunner commander is torn from the physical world and deposited into a vast desert wasteland. Stripped of armor, might, and memory, the Didact sets out on a great journey to rediscover the traumas of his past and find his final fate.

Halo: Epitaph is available in trade paperback, ebook, and unabridged audiobook formats. The audiobook is narrated by Keith Szarabajka, the voice and motion capture actor for the Didact in Halo 4.

You can catch up on the Didact’s story leading to Halo: Epitaph with our “The Story So Far: The Didact” blog, and be sure to check out the audiobook preview of the first chapter.

And you can grab the Sundered Star armor coating for free in Halo Infinite. Simply head to the Shop and acquire this multi-use Didact-themed coating for zero credits, available until March 12.


Next up in the Noble Team Series from 1000toys comes the RE:EDIT 1/12 scale Carter-A259, aka Noble One.

Carter-A259 is fully articulated and available in exclusive and standard editions. The exclusive edition features a chrome plated visor, an Energy Sword, and additional accessories.

Image of the RE:EDIT 1/12 scale Carter-A259 figure


Head to the Halo Gear Shop and visit the UNSC Fleetcom Exchange to shop the new collection inspired by the Halo TV series.

The collection was inspired by the real-world universe of the UNSC in Halo The Series. Get ready for a training session with the UNSC Training Tee and the crewneck sweatshirt with an embroidered UNSC Eagle, show your allegiance at home with the UNSC Flag, or remember Reach with The Reach Pint Glassed.

Halo Gear image of UNSC FLEETCOM Exchange


  • WOMEN OF HALO To acknowledge Women’s History Month this year, we wanted to spotlight the stories of fifty of Halo’s female characters from across the universe.
  • OFFICIAL HALO BOOK GUIDE Looking to dive deeper into Halo’s expanded universe? Perhaps there is a particular flavor of story that you’re looking for, whether it’s hard military science fiction, alien worldbuilding around ancient and epic tragedies, or perhaps there are specific characters and periods you’re interested in—check out our official guide!
  • COMMUNITY CORNER: ISODIDACTA Our latest issue of the Community Corner sees us joined by the extraordinary artist Eva “Isodidacta,” who has a penchant for illustrating characters and scene from Halo’s ancient era.
  • SILVER DEBRIEF: ALERIA Keep up with all the latest information on Season Two of Halo The Series, including episode summaries, connections the show draws with elements of Halo’s core canon, and the behind-the-scenes after-show Declassified.
  • CANON FODDER #150 Canon Fodder celebrated a milestone 150 issues last month, with the latest issue providing new art of the senescent Ark, details on the “Super Scarab” from Halo Wars, and much more.
  • WAYPOINT CHRONICLE: FIRESIDE As part of the celebratory festivities for Canon Fodder #150 and the Spirit of Fire Operation in Halo Infinite, we also released a new Waypoint Chronicle following some members of the UNSC Spirit of Fire’s intrepid crew.

"May 2559. Having emerged into the unknown after twenty-eight years adrift in space, the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire find that new foes are not the only challenge they face on the enigmatic Ark—but the past they left behind."


As Halo: Epitaph has just recently released, it seemed only appropriate to feature a Didact-related art piece in this Community Update!

Illustrated by Benjamin Carre for Halo Mythos, this piece depicts the awakening of the Didact as experienced in the campaign of Halo 4.

After being pulled into the shield world Requiem, the Master Chief and Cortana track a signal that is seemingly coming from the UNSC Infinity to the center of the hollow planet—later discovering that the Infinity is actually about to be pulled into the shield world itself, having tracked the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn’s distress beacon.

The Chief interfaces with what he and Cortana believe to be a broadcast relay in an attempt to warn the Infinity, only to learn that this alien device is the warrior-keep of a Forerunner commander who has been manipulating the signal so he can be released.

Enter the Didact, emerging from a hundred millennia of confinement, having had a great deal of time to cook up an absolute banger of an introductory zinger.

“So fades the great harvest of my betrayal.”

Halo Mythos art by Benjamin Carre of the Didact's awakening in Halo 4

And so concludes this latest Community Update.

Jump into Halo Infinite and check out the new Husky Raid maps while levelling up that new Cyber Showdown III Operation Pass, grab a copy of Halo: Epitaph and follow the Didact on his great journey, get yourself some cool new Halo gear, and get ready for HCS Major Arlington!

We’ll see you next time, but be sure to follow us on social and here on Waypoint for all the latest news.