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Forge Features: August 18, 2023

Community Cartography 016
Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map Tavern
Sam wearing a Master Chief helmet
  -  3 months ago

Happy Friday! If you don’t have weekend plans that are set in stone, check out this week's Forge creations—how else will you be able to take a break in a quaint village to touch some digital grass, enjoy a leisurely trip through a museum, explore a fan-favorite Halo 4 map remade in Halo Infinite, and then play some cat-and-mouse?

Let's take a gander together!

Credits: bullet2thehead9
Bookmark: Tavern

Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map Tavern

Are you tired, Spartan? Pull up a seat by the fire, have a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, and relax for a bit.

Credits: Dr nominoe, bullet2thehead9
Bookmark: Susurra

Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map Susurra

As you tour the museum, be sure to channel those dulcet tones of yours and keep your voice at a whisper.

Credits: Cousin Tim, I Crush All
Bookmark: Perdition

Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map Perdition

This remake of a fan-favorite Halo 4 BTB map had us feeling right at home.

Credits: CANADIAN ECHO, Minister Muffin
Bookmark: Stellar

Halo Infinite screenshot of the Forge map Stellar

Let the games of cat and mouse begin… Wind your way from the bottom to the top as you hunt down your opponents.


Last time we saw VidGamesPete, we looked at scripting and lists. After our recent August update, he is back with another scripting and lists tutorial… but this time make the lists large.

That’s a wrap for this week’s edition. Don’t forget that we’re on the hunt for seasonal-themed maps, so be sure to tag your creations so we can easily find them. If you've got a great Halo-ween theme idea, or a winter wonderland, or anything else that is seasonal, we want to see them!