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Livestream Overview | Season 4

Two Survivors staring down an Infected Spartan in Halo Infinite Infection
Sam wearing a Master Chief helmet
  -  6 months ago

Season 4: Infection, and your chance to hunt down the Survivors (or fight to survive!) is just around the corner.

Along with new maps, Career Rank, new equipment, Forge improvements, and more, Season 4 of Halo Infinite is chock-full of content for everyone. Today's livestream illuminated even more about this exciting new season with closer looks at each of the upcoming additions. Watch the full video to get an overview of what's on the way!

A brand-new Battle Pass, hundreds of new customization options, Shop improvements, and more will arrive when Season 4 launches on June 20. For a deeper dive into some of the features we’ve already discussed, check out the following:

Whether you prefer Arena or Big Team Battle (BTB), the new maps and equipment add fresh ways to play. Set in a lush, green jungle, the aptly named Forest is a gorgeous 4v4 Arena map while Scarr takes you to a Banished mining facility repurposed for some BTB action. You can read more about them in our Maps Overview.

This season’s new equipment will also be changing things up a bit. Grab the Quantum Translocator and beat a hasty retreat to safety if you find yourself in a jam, or jump into Ranked and use the Threat Seeker to locate your opponents. To learn more, you can check out the Sandbox Overview.

Forge is also getting some love. Players have long dreamt of being able to add water to their maps and we’re very excited to finally have that ability in Season 4. There’s a placeable and scaleable water plane, a whole host of new Forerunner objects, Minigame Mode, Visual FX improvements, and many more updates—all allowing players to create like never before! Get a more in-depth overview in the recent Season 4 Forge Update Overview.

Here's a roadmap of what you can expect to see during Season 4. From Infection, to new maps, to the return of the fan-favorite Tenrai and Cyber Showdown, there's plenty to do all season long!

The Season 4 Roadmap

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the livestream and to for being with us on this journey. Find out when the update rolls out in your region here:

A map showing when the Season rolls out across the globe.

Season 4: Infection kicks off on June 20 – we'll see you then!