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Season 5: Reckoning Launch

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  -  8 months ago

A reckoning has come. Season 5 of Halo Infinite is here!

The free Season 5: Reckoning update brings with it a vast amount of new content. Two new maps, Halo 4's Extraction mode reimagined, multi-core helmets, a new 50-tier Premium Battle Pass (that never expires) alongside two Operations, Flood-themed customization, the Bandit Evo, and more...

Also featured in this update is the next game-changing evolution of Forge. Players are now able to populate their maps with friends and foes from the Halo Infinite campaign—UNSC, Banished, and Forerunner units can now be used to create your very own PvE experiences.

That’s a lot to take in, and we’ve just gotten started. Let’s get you a full debrief!

Roadmap image for Season 5: Reckoning



  • BATTLE PASS & OPERATIONS OVERVIEW Everything you need to know about how Halo Infinite’s Events are evolving into Operations.
  • HALO GEAR REWARDS Learn more about the Halo Gear Rewards program for Season 5.
  • MODE OVERVIEW Learn more about the return and revamp of Halo 4's Extraction mode.
  • MAPS OVERVIEW Take a guided tour of Forbidden and Prism with our multiplayer designers.
  • FORGE UPDATES OVERVIEW Find out about the AI toolkit for PvE, along with new objects, palettes, options, and more coming to Forge.
  • RANKED OVERVIEW All you need to know about Ranked, sandbox, and balancing updates and changes in Season 5.
  • CUSTOMIZATION OVERVIEW A complete breakdown of new customization content coming in Season 5, the Battle Pass, Shop changes, and more.



Halo Infinite screenshot of a Flood-infected Spartan on Forbidden

“We are the last of those who gave you breath and form, millions of years ago. We are the last of those your kind defied and ruthlessly destroyed. We are the last Precursors. And now we are legion." Halo: Silentium

The Flood have come to Halo Infinite’s customization.

Your Spartan augmentations turned you into a sharpened tool of destruction, but it is only by embracing the Shaping Sickness that you will become a refined instrument of true primordial power.

In Season 5, the appearance of your Spartan and your weapons can be altered with parasitic prettiness, as individual armor pieces, armor effects, and Armor and Weapon Kits are available to earn through the Battle Pass and can be purchased in the Shop.


Halo Infinite has two new maps with Season 5, Forbidden and Prism.

Forbidden takes place within a vast complex of ancient stone ruins on Zeta Halo, and Prism delves into the crystalline caves of Suban—the so-called blood-moon of Sanghelios—as a battle in the sky rages between the Arbiter’s Swords of Sanghelios and Atriox’s Banished forces.


Extraction comes to Halo Infinite in Season 5!

Extraction is an objective-based game mode that was first introduced in Halo 4, and now this beloved mode has a new coat of paint with the latest UNSC and Personal AI tech in Halo Infinite.

Deploy Extraction Sites at different locations on the map to score points. Protect the site as it counts down to capture, as the enemy team can convert and extract it for themselves.


Halo Infinite image of multi-core helmets in a line-up

Multi-core helmets have arrived in Season 5!

We have made adjustments to every helmet in Halo Infinite, which means that all helmets in the game are available on all Armor Cores.

We can’t wait to see what combinations you come up with as customization flexibility becomes more expansive than ever.


Upon launching the game, players will be greeted with a refreshed title screen and main menu.

The skies of Suban, the blood-moon of Sanghelios and setting of the new map Prism, will be the first thing you will see at the game’s title screen. As you transition to the main menu, you’ll be taken to the ancient ruins of Forbidden where things may look a little different to how they have been previously.

Your Spartan now stands at the center of the main menu, and you will also see your challenge deck on the right-hand side (beneath the Battle Pass).


Halo Infinite screenshot of the scope on the Bandit Evo

The M392 Bandit has a new variant—the “Bandit Evo.”

When the M392 Bandit was originally added in Season 3, it replaced the scope of the familiar DMR with iron sights to make it more of a close-to-medium range weapon. The Bandit Evo features a new scope along with improved recoil and bloom control, making it the perfect tool for those mid-ranged encounters—but if you get hit while aiming, you will get descoped.

Skill with this weapon is expressed through precision. Five headshots or seven body shots will net you a kill, so make those shots count!


Halo Infinite image of the Hero rank reward, the Infinite Mark VI armor kit

We’ve been holding out for a hero, and with the release of Season 5 those of you who reach the end of your Career Rank journey by attaining the maximum Hero rank will be suitably rewarded with the following:

  • Hero emblem set
  • Infinite Mark VI Kit for your Mark VII armor
  • Campaign Season armor coating (for all Armor Cores)
  • Midway Emerald armor coating (for all Armor Cores)


Season 5 brings an all-new Battle Pass, and we’re doing things a bit differently this time...

The Reckoning Battle Pass will overall be tighter with better-quality content, allowing you to play however you want to earn Match XP (in Matchmaking or, for the first time, Custom Games) and progress its 50 total tiers.

This pass consists of 50 tiers because, thanks to further improvements with our systems, multiple items can now be bundled together in the same reward tier—so items that were previously multiple unlocks (such as coatings and shoulder pads) are now bundled into one.

Halo Infinite image of the Season 5: Reckoning Battle Pass showcasing a variety of customization rewards

The Reckoning Premium Battle Pass will be available for 1000 credits, never expires, and includes:

  • 50-tier reward track (including 1000 credits)
  • Bonus Match XP in Season 5 while the pass is active
  • Fourth Challenge slot (while the pass is active)
  • Instantly unlock the Defiled Bulldog Weapon Kit

The Reckoning Premium Battle Pass Bundle will be available for 2800 credits, never expires, and includes everything from the Reckoning Premium Battle Pass list above along with fifteen level grants in the reward track.

Halo Infinite image of the Defiled Bulldog


For the free track: the first 20 tiers of the Battle Pass are free for all players and this period will last until the first Operation launches (November 14).

  • Upon expiration, the 20 free tiers of content will no longer be available to unlock if you haven’t already completed those tiers. Players will retain everything they’ve unlocked.
  • Players who would like to finish the pass beyond the stated cut-off date can purchase the Premium Pass in the shop at any point.



The next evolution of Forge is here. For the first time ever, players can now place AI enemies on their maps and create their own PvE scenarios, which can be further enhanced by new Node Graph scripting functions.

The Forge AI Toolkit features 43 total units from Halo Infinite’s campaign, including UNSC, Banished, and Forerunner characters.

  • Grunt (5 variants)
  • Jackals (4 variants)
  • Skimmers (3 variants)
  • Elites (5 variants)
  • Brutes (16 variants)
  • Hunters (2 variants)
  • Marines (6 variants)
  • Bosses (2 variants)
A screenshot of Marines fighting against Hunters on a Forge canvas.

Players can adjust numerous options around these AI units through Forge settings and node graphs, from how they arrive into the map (whether they are deployed by a Phantom, drop pod, or spawn in) to whether they’re friend or foe, what they react (or don’t react) to, their difficulty level, and so much more.

Maybe you want to spice up your PvP matches with some AI units—you can make it so capturing a neutral zone spawns two Hunters who will fight by your side. You can play the role of a Halo Wars leader and direct your friendly AI units using the Player Mark command. You can create Tower Defense or even MOBA-style scenarios, or recreate campaign moments. Or maybe you’ve got a photographer’s eye and want to create some cool screenshots for Theater mode—be it of your own scenarios or scenes from Halo media.

Season 5 delivers the systems to make it possible, and the rest is in your hands. We can’t wait to see what you create!


It wouldn’t be a full-scale Banished invasion of Forge if there wasn’t an expanded Banished palette to go alongside it, and that’s exactly what Season 5 delivers.

The Banished palette includes:

  • 11 Primitive Pieces
  • 27 Structure Pieces
  • 86 Accent Pieces
  • 10 Lights
  • 15 Decals
  • 13 VFX


A screenshot of ice objects in Forge.

Also included in Forge with the arrival of Season 5 is a snow and ice-themed palette, just in time for the Holiday season!

The snow and ice palette includes:

  • 84 Snow/Ice Covered Biome Objects
  • 21 Snow/Ice Materials
  • 9 VFX


The Forge playground expands even further with two new canvas maps for players to create maps on—Deadlands and Permafrost.

Diagonal cut screenshot of the Deadlands and Permafrost Forge canvas maps in Halo Infinite

Deadlands is a canvas themed around what remains after a Banished bombing. The area is blackened and littered with craters, some of which have filled with water. Broken and dead trees are scattered throughout, with a handful of unscathed trees on the outskirts of the play space.

Permafrost is a snow-covered variation of Deadlands. Nestled between sharp mountain peaks and surrounded by frozen ponds, ice, and jagged mountains, Permafrost provides Forgers with the ability to create snow and ice-themed maps.


In Season 5, Events are evolving into Operations.

Like the Events we have come to know, Operations are totally free activities that will include 20 tiers of earnable, themed rewards. Operations will run for approximately four to six weeks, giving players more time to unlock these rewards.

The way you progress Operations will be based on Match XP (not challenges), which you can earn in Matchmaking or Custom Games, and once an Operation ends it will be purchasable via the Switcher or Shop. These developments—along with the length of Operations—have come as the result of player feedback around Events, which have often felt limiting due to their short windows and lack of ability to obtain their content if they are missed.


Players can simply work their way through an Operation completely for free, but there are some additional premium options available as well.

  • A 500 credit upgrade will make the Operation durable (it will never expire so you can go back to progressing it whenever you want) and includes an additional bonus customization item.
  • A 2,000 credit upgrade will instantly unlock all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass and additionally includes the bonus customization item.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming Season 5 Operations!

COMBINED ARMS: November 14-December 19

RAKSHASA-themed customization for Spartans who find themselves working alongside alien allies.

Halo Infinite key art for the Combined Arms Operation showing (from left-to-right) a Kig-Yar sat on the back of a Mongoose, a Spartan holding a shard of blamite, a Sangheili Ultra without a helmet, and another Spartan kneeling

WINTER CONTINGENCY III: December 19-January 30

All units are set to be mobilized and merry with these Holiday-themed customization rewards!

Halo Infinite key art for the Winter Contingency III Operation, showcasing four Spartans in the snow with the central one clad in Santa-inspired armor holding a green sack over their back



Coming later in Season 5 is Firefight King of the Hill—a new take on the classic mode where four players must capture and defend hills against an onslaught of Banished forces.

You may find yourself thrown into battle within the bloodied walls of the House of Reckoning, or you might just find that Firefight King of the Hill will take you to some other battlefields as well...


Halo Infinite image of the CE Mark V armor kit flanked by two ODSTs

The Master Chief’s iconic Mjolnir Mark V armor from Halo: CE has been lovingly and authentically recreated as an Armor Kit in Halo Infinite, and will be made available in the Shop during the Combined Arms Operation which goes live on November 7—just before Halo’s birthday!

Both the Mark V and Infinite Mark VI armor will be available as Armor Kits, which have also been updated and enhanced for Season 5, as they now allow for coating, visor, emblem, and FX customization. That means players have more flexibility to personalize how their Spartan looks if they equip an Armor Kit, rather than being locked to any specific appearance.

Halo Infinite image of the CE Mark V armor kit


Enhance your tactical support gameplay with a new piece of Equipment coming to Halo Infinite later in Season 5: the Repair Field.

Deploy a device that attaches to surfaces and vehicles, which—after a short arming time—emits a healing field that restores Spartan health and repairs vehicles before it eventually self-destructs. Be wary: the Repair Field’s effect is neutral, so it’ll do the same for your enemies as it will for you.


Halo Gear Rewards return in Season 5 with the Halo Tactical Carrier!

The prototype of the Tactical Carrier backpack.

This UNSC-style backpack is mission ready and designed with utility in mind. The Tactical Carrier has three primary compartments, reinforced straps and carry handle, and sufficient nylon and Velcro areas for attaching pins, patches, and other insignia.

Players can earn access to purchase the Tactical Carrier by completing the 50-tier Premium Battle Pass. Upon completion, players will receive their unique code via Waypoint notifications to make their purchase in the Halo Gear Shop—and you’ll be able to add on some Operations-themed patches for an additional cost.

Images of the patches coming as part of the Season 5 offering from Halo Gear Rewards.


Secure the Flood super bundle and enhance your Spartan's Mark V [B] armored casket with some horrifying new augmentations...

  • Contaminator and Blighter helmets
  • Cursed Blisters and Defiled FARNDALE helmet attachments
  • Cursed Guard & Defiled Guard shoulder pads
  • Cursed Vigor & Defiled Grenadier chest attachment
  • Cursed Growths hip attachment
  • Defiled Munitions wrist attachment
  • Defiled Drive knee pads
  • Eternal Rest & Gauss Forest armor coatings

Corpses shift and offer room for defilement of your weapons with the Defiled SPNKr & S7 Sniper Rifle as well.

Oh, and, if you get the super bundle, you will additionally be granted two timed-exclusive Armor FX.

  • Blightland Marauder Armor effect
  • Hidden Malignancy Death effect
Halo Infinite image of The Flood super bundle

And finally, complete all your challenges this week to unlock your first Ultimate Reward of Season 5: the Brushfire armor coating.

Halo Infinite image of the Brushfire armor coating Ultimate Reward


Season 5 brings with it a host of updates and fixes that the team have been working on to improve the Halo Infinite experience. Head over to the Halo Support site to check out the full list of patch notes.

Run into a bug, glitch, or other unexpected issue? Submit a ticket and notify the team on the Halo Support site.

You can submit tickets on a wide range of topics that include reports of Audio Issues, Crashes, Game Save Corruption, Report a Player, General Bug Reports, and more.

Season 5 is officially live and ready for download!

Jump in and take in the sights of Forbidden and Prism, try out the new Bandit Evo, play around with Forge AI and see what PvE scenarios you come up with using the new Banished palette and canvases, dive into the Custom Game Browser to earn Match XP and work through that new Battle Pass, give yourself to the timeless chorus of Flood infection, and work your way through Career Rank to attain the legendary status of Hero in order to unlock that iconic Infinite Mark VI armor.

You can get Halo Infinite’s free-to-play Multiplayer here. And, in case you haven’t yet experienced the Master Chief’s epic return to battle the Banished on Zeta Halo, be sure to get the Halo Infinite Campaign here.