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Community Update

Jilted Jiralhanae

Halo Mythos artwork by Jean Sebastien Rossbach depicting Maccabeus and his clan on Harvest
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  -  19 days ago

Halo Infinite has a new Banished-themed Operation, along with new Forge palettes, sandbox updates, and the arrival of The Exchange. HCS London is on the way, the Jazwares Vault launched a new battle pack, the Halo: Flashpoint miniatures tabletop game is up for pre-order, and there's plenty more to catch up on in our latest edition of the Community Update!


Halo Infinite key art for Operation: Banished Honor depicting a group of Jiralhanae surrounding a Banished Spartan


In the latest content update to Halo Infinite, liberate yourself through the teachings of Atriox and claim your spoils!

Operation: Banished Honor runs from April 30 to June 4 and features a free Operation Pass containing 20 tiers of customization rewards and Spartan Points.

Progress your Operation Pass with Match XP and Challenge completions to unlock new armor, a new visor and emblem, and Spartan Points to spend in the Exchange.

Head over to our Banished Honor launch blog to find out more about what’s included in this content update!

Halo Infinite screenshot of The Exchange


Missed out on previous customization rewards? Enter The Exchange.

The Exchange is a brand-new shop rotating each Operation which contains free content from the past that players may have originally missed out on (along with some new items as well). This includes rewards that were originally tied to Halo Infinite’s free Event tracks, special limited-time login bonuses, past Twitch drops, and partner promotional items.

Items are purchased with Spartan Points—a free currency that is earned through three primary ways:

  • Completing your first Daily Challenge will award 250 SP (rather than XP).
  • Completing the weekly Ultimate Reward will award 1,000 SP (instead of a misc. customization item).
  • Operations Reward tracks will offer up to 15,000 SP (replacing misc. other rewards).

For the full debrief on this new addition, head over to our blog on The Exchange.

Halo Infinite screenshot of Oasis with Flood objects over it


Flood and Alien World-themed object palettes have been added to Halo Infinite’s Forge with this update, enabling you to turn your maps into festering hives or strange new worlds.

We’ve made some further additions to Forge as well which you can find out more about in our Forge Overview.


In response to community feedback, we have made a number of adjustments and tweaks to Halo Infinite’s sandbox that you can get hands-on with right now.

Perhaps most notably, we have EMPowered the Plasma Pistol with its ability to temporarily shut down vehicles with an overcharged bolt.

For the full breakdown on the latest sandbox balance changes and mode updates in Operation: Banished Honor, check out our Sandbox Overview.


Join us this month to unlock the Mental Health Awareness Month armor coating, visor, and emblem when you log into Halo Infinite. Together, let's raise awareness and support mental health within our community.

Halo infinite image of three Spartans clad in the Mental Health Awareness Month coating


Throughout Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we honor our colleagues and community for their invaluable contributions to Halo and the world. Log in this month to unlock the Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month armor coating, visor, nameplate and emblems!

Halo infinite image of three Spartans clad in the Asian and Pacific Islander heritage Month coating


The conceit of Operation: Banished Honor revolves around the concept of what a Spartan who joined the Banished might look like.

Coming next week, we have a new canonical short story that will explore the journey of one particular Spartan in the wake of the events of the beloved Hunt the Truth audio drama.

“October 2558. After being taken prisoner by the Banished as chaos erupts across the galaxy, Ilsa Zane’s hunt for the truth leads her to a new stage of life she never expected...”


Banner image for HCS London 2024


London Bridge is falling down, my blue lady. Halo esports is taking over London!

The Halo Championship Series is heading to Europe, and you're all invited!

Team Quadrant will be hosting the first-ever Halo Infinite EU Major at the Twickenham Stadium from May 31 to June 2.

Join us as the world's best teams throw down for their share of $250,000 and a paid trip to the HCS Atlanta Major this summer! Those in attendance will also get a chance to participate in the $5,000 free-for-all tournament along with a series of side tournaments in varying formats from Halo Infinite and legacy Halo titles!

To learn more, head over to

  • GA Tickets on sale: SOLD OUT
  • Team Passes: SOLD OUT

Our announcement for the Twitch Drops you'll be able to unlock is expected to come around late May—stay tuned!

Wondering where you can tune in to catch all the action?


Looking to get the party started early? Be sure to check out our May 2024 HCS Community Schedule, which covers all of the HCS events taking place throughout the month in the lead up to the London Major!

HCS Community Schedule image for May 2024


HCS Open Series events are open for registration. They’re free to enter, so sign up with your team and earn points by competing each week!

For more information, head to the FACEIT’s HCS page.


The great journey that Halo pro players have been on over the years is almost as storied as the big green guy himself! On our Halo Esports channel, we have launched a new series titled “Halo History” which walks us through the personal narratives of Halo community members in the HCS sphere.

Learn more about

Here are the episodes thus far!



Welcome to the Jazwares Vault, where the Big Shot Battle Pack and Halo 4 Master Chief have officially landed!

The Big Shot Battle Pack features six fan-favorite characters from across the Halo universe. If you’re looking to jumpstart your squad, this collection will give you a solid mix of figures based on big story moments from individual games.

Halo Gear image of the Big Shot battle Pack

The Master Chief (Halo 4) figure commemorates John-117's battle against the Didact and his army of Prometheans. The Chief's iconic GEN1 Mark VI armor is based on its specific appearance in Halo 4.

Halo Gear image of the Halo 4 Master Chief figure


Coming later this year from Mantic Games is Halo: Flashpoint, the official tactical miniatures game!

Built for two or more players, Halo: Flashpoint brings the war games arena to tabletop miniatures, along with a range of classic game modes, troop types, and weapons. Discover an exciting game that's easy to learn, challenging to master, and rewards cool thinking under fire.

Choose whether to fight as Spartans or the Banished and prepare for the ultimate tactical tabletop experience.


  • CANON FODDER #152: You asked, and we answered. Our latest Canon Fodder issue features a community Q&A about all things Halo: Epitaph, a closer look at the new adjuncts in the rerelease of Halo: Battle Born, and a special Grunty transmission from Briglard.
  • FORGE FEATURES #026: Check out a new round-up of awesome Forge maps from the community, featuring “Fling-Yaps,” a custom game mode where you shoot Grunts at your friends with rocket launchers.
  • COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT – APRIL 2024: Take a look at our round-up of the latest and greatest artistic creations by the Halo community—headlined by life-sized statues of the Master Chief and the Arbiter.
  • COMMUNITY CORNER – ETHEREALEOD: In our latest issue of the Community Corner, we spoke with digital artist EtherealEOD.


For this month’s piece, we have a visualization of a moment from the novel Halo: Contact Harvest depicting Maccabeus—the former Chieftain of the Jiralhanae before he was succeeded (and murdered!) by his nephew, Tartarus—and his clan on the human colony world Harvest.

It was here that true first contact occurred between humanity and the alien alliance known as the Covenant, marking the beginning of a war that would span the next twenty-seven years.

Halo Mythos artwork by Jean Sebastien Rossbach depicting Maccabeus and his clan on Harvest

That closes us out for this month’s Community Update, which means it’s time to get back to working through that Banished Honor Operation Pass!

Check out the new “Halo History” HCS series on YouTube and prepare yourselves for a battle of the ages at HCS London; take a look at the new Forge objects and build something that can only be described as disgusting with the Flood palette; and stay tuned for the new Waypoint Chronicle when it drops out of slipspace next week.

For glory. For Atriox.

For the Banished!